Anastasia and Steven

How We Met

Steven ant I met at work, and whenever I tell people that, it feels weird. I wasn’t expecting to meet my soulmate where I work. It’s really not my thing. But there I was, a Greek girl paired up with a Greek boy. Art and Copy partners. At first, I thought he was my buddy, I would talk to him about my dating life and even asked him if he wanted to date my sister. Little did I know, he liked me. When he asked me out, it was kind of a shock, but one date and I knew. Nothing about it was awkward. We were a perfect team from the start. At work, and at home.

how they asked

So, I kinda knew. Well, assumed, really. Weeks before our trip to Greece, his sister asked me my ring size, claiming she wanted to buy rings for her bridesmaids (I was in her wedding).

That being said… On July 5th 2015, we landed in Lemnos, Greece.

On July 6th, our first full day, we woke up bright and early at 1pm (amazing) and made our way to the largest city on Lemons Island, called Myrina. Now, a little backstory, I had created an itinerary for the trip and the itinerary clearly stated that we were to visit the 11th century Venetian caste on the SECOND day. But Steven was adamant. TOO adamant. I huffed an puffed, telling him I was tired and sweaty but he insisted.

Image 1 of Anastasia and Steven

So I bitch-faced my way up what seemed like hours of mountain and in a panting sweaty fashion, found a decaying wall of the ancient castle to sit on.

Picture my legs dangling and one slip would have lead to my pending doom

Image 2 of Anastasia and Steven

Now, as I’m sitting on this wall, catching my breath and greedily taking in the view, Steven is busy setting up his camera to take a time lapse of the sunset. He then walks over and sits by me.

Image 3 of Anastasia and Steven

In hindsight, I felt an awkward tension. He hugged me. He said I was his soul mate. And I looked at him, bewildered.

He said, “You’re my soul mate for two reasons. The first being, you point with both your index finger and pinky out when you’ve had one two many drinks, and so do I. The second, and most important being, you told my parents they raised an incredible human being, and that’s exactly what I told your dad when I asked for your hand in marriage.”

UM WHAT? CUE THE WATER WORKS. I started crying. Not crying. BAWLLING. And it was during this emotional, and dare I say, extremely unattractive hysterical convulsing, when he went to his backpack to retrieve the symbol of everlasting togetherness (yup, that’s right, he didn’t even have the ring yet, so I’m sitting on the edge of a cliff, crying like a crazy person).

In what seemed like hours, but was mere seconds, Steven brought over a beautiful royal blue velvet box, got down on one knee, opened the box, and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. One look at the deep blue shimmering sapphire surrounded by the glistening diamonds, I cried even more, and nodded my head because my voice box seemed to have malfunctioned.

Image 4 of Anastasia and Steven

Since we were overpowered by emotion, we didn’t get any pictures directly after the proposal. We were too busy crying and calling our families on a wifi network that was anything but cooperative! SO, we staged a little shoot. I know, I know, it’s not the same, but I look better in this one and I’m not blubbering!!! And in defense of the proposal, it was taken RIGHT after it happened :)

Image 5 of Anastasia and Steven