Anastasia and Scott

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How We Met

I had known Anastasia since 7th grade, but we didn’t start talking until high school. I was the reserved, quiet guy…while Anastasia was the social, outgoing girl. After a few months of getting to know one another through late night AIM messaging and numerous phone calls, I finally built up the courage to ask Anastasia to be my girlfriend on August 1st of 2005.

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Since then we experienced many big steps together: Got our driver’s licenses, started part time jobs, graduated from high school, went on many dates & adventures, found full-time jobs, and moved in together to our first apartment where we got engaged. We grew together as a couple, but respect each other’s differences. I obviously have a tremendous love for cars while Anastasia enjoys shopping, photography, and keeping our life organized through check lists and spreadsheets.

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how they asked

Scott asked Anastasia to marry him on November 6th of 2015 . After dating for just over 10 years, the time had come. A proposal was in the cards, but how and when was still to be decided. Scott travels to Carlisle Pennsylvania for work twice a year, but his September 2015 trip was different. It was different because the whole time he was away, he could not stop thinking about a proposal idea. When Scott returned home to Connecticut in early October, the excitement had built to a level in which he could not wait any longer. A trip to the jewelers resulted in a custom ordered, one of a kind engagement ring for a one of a kind lady! It was a month wait, so there was time to brainstorm ideas on how to pop the question. One day while at work, the perfect idea popped into Scott’s head! Anastasia keeps a collection of all the fortunes from her fortune cookies over the years.

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Figuring that you can get anything online these days, Scott found a site which produces custom made fortune cookies. Now everything was in place, and all that was left to do was wait for the call from the jewelers. That day came on Friday, November 6th, 2015. Scott called Anastasia to tell her he didn’t feel like cooking and would just pick up some Chinese food on the way home from work. After picking it up, he put 2 of the custom-made fortune cookies in the bag. This way, no matter which one Anastasia grabbed would be the same.

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He walked through the door, ring in his right pocket. The excitement was building, knowing that the big moment was only minutes away. After a great dinner and full stomachs, the fortune cookies were sitting on the table. Anastasia was quick to grab one and began opening it. As she put half of the cookie in her mouth, she read the fortune: “Anastasia, will you marry me?”. After a slight moment of disbelief, it didn’t take long for tears of joy to begin rolling down her face. Scott got down on one knee and pulled the ring out of his pocket. It was perfect, and of course, she said YES!

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