Anastasia and Samuel

How We Met

We actually met on one of our first days in college! The university was hosting an event for incoming freshmen, and Sam’s friend from high school introduced us. We became instant friends and started dating shortly after!

How They Asked

At the beginning of this year, we had planned a big hiking trip to the Grand Canyon and Zion National Park, and I was secretly hoping that Sam would propose then. Then, 2020 struck and unfortunately we had to cancel. So there I was, thinking any hope for a proposal was also cancelled. Little did I know, Sam had been hiding a ring in our apartment for 5 months and had every intention to propose anyway. He had his sister text both of us the weekend we would have been in the Grand Canyon, asking us to go on a local hike with her so she could take landscape photos “for a class.” I was completely unaware of what was actually happening, so I brought them to a hill that I thought would be perfect for the landscape photos. Little did I know – I had led us right to our engagement spot. Sam saw his moment and took it, getting down on one knee right at the top of the hill. It was absolutely perfect and a complete surprise!


Special Thanks