Anastasia and Ruslan

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How We Met

We met at the first time on the birthday party of our mutual friend.We danced just once in this party. Ruslan lived in Moscow,and I lived in another town,Kursk.So I went home,and for a couple of years we were friends,but meeting seldom.Then I moved to live and study in Moscow.We began to meet more.Then in summer 2013 we spent a lot of time together and one day we had to spend whole day and half of night in affairs,it was too late and Ruslan had to stay at night in my home. Ruslan asked me to be a couple,I kissed him as an answer.After that we were inseparable.

how they asked

After a year of dating,Ruslan made a proposal and we began to prepare for the wedding.But six months before the wedding we quarelled and parted. Somewhere after 3 months of separation, we realized that we can not live without each other and started all over again. Six months later Ruslan asked me again. This time he composed a song, gathered a band, went to rehearse in the evenings and weekends, and all this time I thought he was delayed on the job. February 20, on Saturday, he again went to “work” and I stayed at home) In the evening he called and said he had a surprise and that I to be ready to come outside.In one hour I heard the music in the courtyard,went to the balcony and saw a crowd of people and Ruslan sang with the band in front of our windows. Then he rose on the aiirhoist to the window (2nd floor) with the ring and flowers staying on the knee.

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