Anar and John

how we met

We met at work – Prudential in Newark, NJ. John had been working for the company for a year when I joined. We had little communication outside of work-related topics in the beginning. Later, our communication was isolated to work and him begging me to play on the company softball team because they needed girls. I rejected… over and over. Finally, with the help of $1 beers, we had a real conversation at a fellow colleague’s birthday happy hour at Green Rock in Hoboken, NJ. The rest is history :)

how they asked

He proposed on our trip to Spain in Barcelona. I couldn’t believe he brought the ring all the way to another continent, because anyone who knows John knows he’s pretty risk averse and a creature of habit.

Upon arriving to Barcelona, we realized our room was teeny tiny and very open – like most European rooms. John KICKED ME OUT within minutes of entering the room and sent me on a quest to find adapters and get our tickets to an excursion later that day printed. While I found it odd, I knew it had been somewhat of long (red eye) journey and figured maybe he just needed the space. Within 10 minutes of leaving our hotel, he texts me and says it’s okay to come back. WEIRD, but maybe just needed a breath? I come to find out (much later) that he had stashed the ring in the bottom of the box that held his airpod case within the safe (clever). It wasn’t until the next evening he planned to propose… so we went on our excursion to Sagrada Familia that evening. The next day we went to Mercado de La Boqueria, a delish food market, and continued to venture around the city during the day. Meanwhile, he mentioned he had something planned for us that night. I had given him much grief before we left for the trip (like most girls) that he needed to up the romance. So, I thought this was his way of doing just that. We pull up in an Uber to a beautiful museum with waterfalls in front that I come to find out later is Placa de les Cascades. He proposed in front and the rest is history :) He was awesome enough to hire a photographer for that as well!!

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