Anant and Avisha

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How We Met

I knew of Anant through mutual friends but we never hung out. One day we happened to have a casual outing with other friends but did not have much interaction. About a year later we got in contact again and started chatting. Around that time I was planning a trip to New York with family. Anant suggested a few places for me to visit and even said he would meet me one day for a drink. I told him with all of his suggestions he could be my tour guide. When I finally made it to New York I did not call or text Anant because I was unsure if he was serious about being my tour guide. The communication wasn’t great that day because we both thought we were going to hear from each other but we didn’t. Anant was at work and he took the initiative to message me and ask me if I wanted to grab a drink. I had been in the city by myself because my family had not arrived yet so I was beyond excited to meet up with him. Right after confirming that we would meet up for a few drinks, Anant left work and hailed a cab right down the block from his job. While on the way to see me, he realized that he should take something for me as he could not go empty handed (such a gentleman). He asked the cab driver to turn around and drop him back to work as there was a (Jack Torres) chocolatier right across the street from where he works. He begged the cab driver to wait for him. But he refused to unless Anant gave him cash as the meter would still be running. He handed him $20 dollars hoping he would wait for him. He went rushing to pick up some chocolate chip cookies along with a box of Taittinger champagne truffles. In total disappointment after walking out of the store, the cab driver had left him. He then began to walk down the street in hope to quickly find another cab. Anant was able to hail down another cab within minutes. His cab driver then got into a fender bender with another cab in front of them. In total frustration Anant said to himself (out loud), “Wow! Is this really happening right now?” The cab driver got into a heated argument with the other cab driver who then got into a physical fist fight with his cab driver. Anant was on the journey to look for another cab yet again. He was able to find another cab, once again, within minutes! At that point he tried to calm himself down before he got to the location where I was waiting. I had been waiting for him with no idea of where we would go or what we would do. According to Anant, when he walked into the lobby to meet me, I was standing there with what he calls a “stank face.” He handed me the cookies and was thinking to himself, “Woman, do you have any idea what I just went through to get these damn cookies and truffles for you?!” While I was standing there thinking what on earth are we going to do together. We then proceeded to walk the streets of New York City to find a bar. I was walking pretty slow because I was wearing some high heels. Anant was walking ahead of me because his first impression of me was not a good one. And I was walking behind thinking what a jerk. We were both plotting ways in which we could get away from one another. Eventually, he decided to slow down and ask to take some photos of me in the City. He asked to hold my purse and I thought it was so hilarious. Definitely an ice breaker. Finally, we found a random Irish Pub. When we walked in it was extremely crowded. After weaving in between everyone trying to make it to the bar for a drink, there were two seats available. Hmm… what a coincidence. We then sat down and ordered some drinks. We got into an intellectual conversation during the first drink which went really well. Then to break the ice, I proposed that we have a shot of a buttery nipple (my favorite shot). At this point Anant was saying to himself, “Wow, she isn’t so mean after all.” Our time spent at the Pub turned out to be amazing. We started to head back to the hotel lobby/bar to meet my family. He met my Aunt, Uncle and Cousin who wanted to see the Christmas tree that night. My family invited him to come along with us and I was so excited. We ended up having such a blast that night. The next day we messaged each other asking what our plans were for the night. Anant’s brother-in-law pushed him to make plans with me and my cousin did the same. We both decided to make some plans and meet at Taj Night Club in NYC. Another night of fun. Right after the club we went for a walk because I told Anant I wanted to see if the city really never slept. He took me for a walk and that is where we held hands for the first time. We also took our first photo together alone in front of the red steps where he was hugging me. Anant dropped me off and we both thought that would be the last time we saw each other. The next morning he called me asking how I planned to get back to the airport. I told him that I was going to take a cab and like a true gentleman, he offered to take me. On the way we stopped and had lunch at his favorite sushi restaurant and drop me to the airport. When Anant dropped me off I had the weirdest feeling. Usually, I am always excited to return home. But for some reason I felt so sad. Funny thing is that Anant felt the same way. Apparently, when he was in the car going home he told his friend that he felt sad and he did not know why. His friend told him it was because he missed me. He thought to himself there is no way that he could miss me. We just met! We both tried to shake the feeling but we just couldn’t. We continued to stay in contact but neither of us wanted to admit our feelings to one another because of the distance. As the months went by we continued to talk and talk and get to know one another. Eventually, Anant decided to visit me so that we could see each other again and decide what to do about our feelings for one another. When he came to visit me we both finally expressed how we truly felt and there was no secret that we were both in love.

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how they asked

Anant and I planned to visit Paris for our two year anniversary. It was one of the first places we ever talked about visiting. We had planned this trip for almost a year. While we were looking for things to do I came across a Paris Photographer. My mom had always mentioned that getting professional photos while dating would be a cute idea. I suggested that we do a photo shoot for our anniversary and Anant was totally on board, especially since this was a place we both had dreamed of visiting. He let me take full control in finding the photographer and planning exactly how I wanted the shoot. Clearly he knew I was very particular lol! Little did I know, Anant had been in contact with the photographer planning the proposal as well for almost a year. A week before the photo shoot we were scheduled to have a Skype call with our photographer. The funny thing is Anant had his own Skype call with him minutes before we had ours. He did an awesome job at throwing me off. I did not think he was going to propose in Paris because he kept telling me he wanted to go ring shopping in Paris. And he kept telling me that I had to come to New York in June just because. So I kept thinking he was going to propose in June. We started our photo shoot before the sun came up. We took a few photos and had fun while doing it. During the photo shoot he asked the photographer if he was going to change his camera lens. I looked at him confused as to why he was asking the photographer to do that. But apparently, that was code for he was about to propose. He started by asking me what was the one place in the world that we both wanted to visit? I laughed and replied Paris. He then proceeded to tell me how much he loves me and that he could not imagine spending the rest of his life without me. Even in that moment I did not think it was happening because he always says the sweetest things to me. In the middle of all that he stopped and said, “do you think I am going to propose?” I laughed and shook my head no because I really thought it was going to happen in New York since that is where we met. He then proceeded to tell me that I was his best friend and how much he truly loved me. And then he pulled the ring out of his pocket, got on one knee and said, “Avisha Labban will you marry me?” In that moment, I was in shock that this was happening and just stood there in complete disbelief. It took about 5 minutes before I said yes. The best part of the whole proposal is that both of our families were waiting at home for photos and a phone call to celebrate because they knew all along. One of the sweetest things about this Proposal is that Anant flew to Florida months before to ask for my parents blessings.

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