Anamika and Anil

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How We Met

Today, I am sharing with you my love story. As I’m writing this small prompt to you I am tearing up and so many emotions are flowing! Anil and I met when we were in the sixth and seventh grade. We are both talented individuals that have taken up vocal, harmonium and Tabla lessons at our Indian Classical Music school and were lucky that both of our parents enrolled us at the same music school. During performances we always wanted to accompany each other on our songs, being that he was such a cutie playing tabla and I was singing and playing harmonium. Our music class friends knew we had a thing for each other, which we definitely didn’t keep that a secret! Anil was currently living in Sanford, FL and I was living in Ocoee, FL so we didn’t get to see each other often, other than music classes on Friday nights and performances.

However, we didn’t let distance stop us, we continued our friendship throughout middle school and high school by communicating through e-mails, notes, social media outlets and instant messenger, because at the time we were not allowed to date. Nothing would stop us from seeing each other as well, secrets were kept, as he would visit me during my volunteer hours at Health Central and attended my high school homecomings without our parents knowing! After graduating high school, Anil and I started attending the University of Central Florida. He was majoring in Business Finance and I was a Business Management Major!

He asked me out on our first date way back in March of 2011, in downtown Orlando for Menchies (a frozen yogurt place) and to a movie, which was “Limitless.” Our friendship immediately picked up from that point as we started going on more dates to Universal Studios/IOA. It was during one of the Orlando Heart Walks on September 17,2011, Anil asked me to be his girlfriend, surprising me at the end of the race with chocolates and roses! Our relationship has blossomed the past five years and we have built our relationship on a foundation of true love.

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On September 14th, 2016, Anil and I were traveling to Cancun, Mexico to celebrate our 5 year anniversary. On this flight he kept reminding me to “enjoy this moment” and I would ask why? His response would be because we are traveling out of the country for the first time! That night at dinner Anil whispered to me, “remember this moment” and again I responded “why?” His response was this is our first dinner in Mexico! The next morning we were up bright and early to visit Chichen Itza one of the new Seven Wonders of the World. That morning on our way there Anil whispered once more, “This is a very special morning, remember this moment!”. Once I again I responded “Why?” and he says, “today we visit Chichen Itza!”

As our tour guide is approaching the beautiful historic pyramid, she mentions for everyone in the group to take their pictures before the start of the tour. Naturally I grab my phone and approach the pyramid to take a selfie. Anil however has his own plan of asking the tour guide to take our picture. After the tour guide takes the first picture, I turn to walk away but Anil reaches for both of my hands and starts speaking. “Do you remember when I told you to enjoy those moments?” “I wanted you to remember those last moments of being my girl friend.” He then got down on one knee, as he began to tear up, “Those were the last moments you’d be my girlfriend….I love you very much, Will you marry me?”

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At this moment I was crying of course and I said “Yes! Yes!” and dipped in for a hug and kiss as the rest of people on tour began to clap and congratulate us! I love this man so very much and I can’t wait to be his wife!!!

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