Anamarie and Jessie

How We Met

We first laid eyes on each other in the summer of 2009 at a mutual friends house, I had just graduated high school and she was in ending her Jr year. I was of all things plucking my eyebrows when this girl walked in with two phones and smile that stopped me in my tracks. It was in that moment my heart knew she was the one for me. We dated for a whole year before making anything official. It wasn’t until the summer of 2010 that we both decided to go steady and it’s been a romantic rollercoaster ride filled with thrills ups and downs and I wouldn’t have had any other way.

how they asked

It was fashion week in the beautiful NewYork City and it had always been a dream of hers to go so I booked our tickets and surprised her with more than her dreams desire. I was so nervous even though we had been together for 7 years already I still had all these butterflies in my stomach as we spent the whole morning at the Brooklyn museum and botanical garden I didn’t know if I would propose at one of those locations because my original plan was to propose to my rock at the top of the rock aka the Rockefeller building but she’s a lil terrified of heights so she didn’t want to go so I had to improvise that day and all I was certain of was that I wanted to spend that weekend with my fiancé, not girlfriend so just as we were about to cross the Brooklyn bridge I had our taxi drop us off at the Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Anamarie's Proposal in Brooklyn Bridge Park NewYork City

I knew there would be a lot of tourists around so I could simply ask anyone to take a photo of us to her knowledge that’s all she thought we were doing but as soon as she dropped her shopping bags I got down on one knee and asked “ will you spend the rest of your life being my wife” she gasped for air and shouted yes yes yes!!! We must have held each other for what felt like forever. She then wanted to take a picture with her ring to share with her mom and dad, I told her they already know I, of course, being a traditional man asked her fathers permission first. She still insisted on a photo but wanted her nails done first so I got us a cab to the nearest nail salon so she could get a quick manny. I then surprised her with a romantic horse carriage ride through Central Park during sunset.