Anamaria and Peter

How We Met: Peter and Ana met when they were co-workers at a children’s play place over 3 years ago. At first, they were just friends. Peter admits he had an attraction for Ana right off the bat, but Ana won’t admit it. Four months after meeting, Peter asked Ana to go on their very first date (he took her to see Harry Potter). Peter describes the date as “perfect” while Ana remembers it as being “awkward.”


Then after another long four months of Peter trying to win her over, he officially asked her to be his girlfriend! Now you can ask anyone, Ana is deeply in love with Peter. During the 2 1/2 years they were dating they’ve gone on several trips together and have gone ziplining, parasailing, and even skydiving together! Peter calls Ana his “adventure twin.” They both consider each other to be their “best friend for life.” Peter knew he wanted to propose to Ana in a way very unique to their relationship, so with the help of their families and friends, that is exactly what he did.

how they asked: On April 19th, 2014, Peter proposed to Ana. She woke up to notecards telling her to “put on a nice set of clothes and get ready to go on the best scavenger hunt.” He asked her best friend to take her on the hunt. Their first stop was at their favorite sushi restaurant where he left a bear (Peter’s nickname for Ana is Bear) with a notecard telling her to go find the bear’s partner. The next stop was the bank where Peter works. Right away, Ana found a panda (Ana’s nickname for Peter is, you guessed it… Panda) with a notecard telling her to put on a blindfold to go to her big surprise! Reluctantly, she puts on the blindfold and her friend starts driving her to a park that’s very special to them where they would meet and share some of their very first dates. Because of the long windy roads and hills leading to this specific park, Ana realized where they were going and immediately gets an intuition that something big is about to happen. When they arrive at the park, Peter removes the blindfold and Ana crawls into his arms in tears. Then, he got down on one knee and asked his best friend to be his wife. She said yes! After the proposal, Ana turns around to see their families and friends jumping with joy to congratulate them! When Peter asked Ana what would make a perfect proposal, she said one thing… Family. So he knew he wanted to include their families. But wait, it’s not over! Ana has family in Lebanon and Canada who couldn’t be there to share that day with, so Peter arranged for them to make video messages for her which he surprised her with after the proposal.






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Photography: B. Sharp Photography