Ana’ly and Kyle

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Pumpkin patch

How We Met

A little over 2 years ago I was hanging out with a friend and my truck broke down right outside of the university campus where we were both students, and I had met Kyle a few days before with that same friend but we hadn’t really spoken the night we met very much but I’d noticed he was pretty cute and so I told my friend to invite him to hang out with us when my truck broke down, Kyle came to pick us up and suddenly my friend jumps out of the car and says that he’s going to stay on campus to do some studying but Kyle can give me a ride home, then he whispers to Kyle – “ she loves Starbucks !”. That night I and Kyle stayed up talking for hours in my living room after he gave me a ride home and I cooked him a meal for bringing me home, the next day we had our first date and every date since then he’s taken me to get Starbucks ?

How They Asked

about 2-3 weeks after we met he asked if I wanted to carve pumpkins together, and it took me about 20 minutes to realize he had written “ will you be my girlfriend ?” On the back of my pumpkin but when I did I thought it was the cutest thing ever and I have a framed picture of that pumpkin in my living room, so 2 years later he took me to the pumpkin patch and had a pumpkin with “Marry Me?”

Ana’ly and Kyle's Engagement in Pumpkin patch

Carved into it staged there and I said yes before he even finished getting down on one knee❤️