Anaïs and Jeffrey

How We Met

We met on December 31st, 2017 at a party that a common friend had organized on the beach. I never saw him before but I heard about him and he knew who was too. A week before the31st, he sent me a message to ask if I was coming to that party. I replied that I was not sure as I got other plans. That momentos 31st arrives and I decide at the last minute to go to this party (because I had originally planned something else that was canceled). I arrive and he was the first person to whom I say hello. We spend the whole evening talking, we felt immediately a proximity as if we’ve always known each other. I think it was love at first sight.

At midnight he asks me if I would like to be the first person to whom he wishes the happy new year. I tell him with a naughty little smile how do you want us to wish each other a happy new year? He catches my hair and kisses me. We had a long kiss under the fireworks. He keeps repeating to me that my look drives him crazy. And I was finding him so handsome, filled with charm. From there we did not leave each other, we stay together on the beach until4am. We saw each other every week without exception. We became more and more close, very fusional, with a big complicity. We tell each other everything and we understand each other only by looking. We are best friends

Where to Propose in On the beach where we met (at trou aux biches in mauritius island)

How They Asked

Exactly one year later, on the 31st of December 2018, he brings me back to this place to “celebrate our 1year”. We had prepared a picnic. Then, as the sun went down he shown me a video, it was a montage of all our photos. At the end of the video it was saying: please stand up

I said omg what is he doing and then knelt down and asked.