Anahita and Brandon

Image 1 of Anahita and Brandon

How we met

We swiped right! Yup, you read that right… we swiped right! We probably would have never found each other otherwise. Brandon was a country boy living on a ranch; Anahita was a city girl living in Downtown Denver. So different you would think, but we quickly learned that we had a lot in common and could not stand being apart. Anahita thought Brandon’s life was like the movies… riding horses, birthing cows, feeding llamas… Brandon was fascinated by Anahita’s culture, independence, and strong willpower. Three years went by before we knew it…we laughed, we cried, and we made a ton of amazing memories. Brandon learned that Kale doesn’t taste that bad, and cargo shorts should stay in the 90s. Anahita learned that she can sleep through anything (even Brandon’s famous snores) and that she should grow out her bangs.

Image 2 of Anahita and Brandon

how they asked

Brandon had promised Anahita to take her horseback riding since the day they met; and three years later, he was finally taking her. We went back to the ranch where Brandon used to live, He wore his cargo pants because he was carrying a precious cargo… a ring! He asked her to be his forever and she said YES!

Image 3 of Anahita and Brandon

Image 4 of Anahita and Brandon

Image 5 of Anahita and Brandon

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