Anaelys and Brockton

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How We Met

I was 18 when I started hosting a curated open mic event at a tea shop in Miami, Florida. The place was small but every Wednesday for the show it would become packed with smiling faces waiting to get on stage and share their music, poetry, comedy or whatever was in their mind that week. It was my favorite thing in the world to see shy performers slowly come out of their shells on stage. Brock, my now fiance, was friends with the owner of the shop since his office was right above the open mic’s venue and he stopped there on his way to work for coffee or tea most mornings. My show was at 7 pm and Brock went home around 6 pm every day so we never crossed paths.

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One night, the owner of the shop happened to join Brock and some of his friends for karaoke at a local bar and when he noticed Brock’s AMAZING singing voice, he suggested he’d stop by my open mic the following week. So he did. In theory, this sounds like the start of a great story… but it wasn’t quite as smooth. We did not make the best impression on each other. I thought he was rude and full of himself for walking straight to the owner to be added to the performers list without consulting me even though it was my show and he thought I was quite arrogant and difficult given my obvious annoyance with his behavior.

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But he goes on stage regardless… and he KILLS it. He performs a great rendition of Feelin’ Good by Michael Buble and when the crowd asks for a second song, he does Slim Shady by Eminem. Talk about range! This made me so mad!! This arrogant guy who waltzed in here like he owned the place was actually good and there is nothing more annoying to an MC than that kind of artist. I wasn’t a fan of his, but he quickly became a regular at my show and a known face among my list of performers. Not really friends, but acquaintances.

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I was in a different relationship around this time and that’s a story for another time, but it’s safe to say it was not going well. Around 6-8 months went by and it was February now. My then-boyfriend and I ended up breaking up the day before Valentine’s Day, on a Tuesday. And then, I worked my show on Valentine’s Day the next day. Brockton came in like he usually did with a few of his friends and asked how come I wasn’t spending V Day with my boyfriend. So I explained we had broken up the night before.

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A lot of my male acquaintances met the news that I was newly single with eagerness, but not Brock, and this felt comfortable to me. I knew I wasn’t anywhere near ready for dating again but I could very well be friends with him. He said to me ”If you want me to ask you out, I’ll ask you out” and this made me laugh. I ended up giving him my number and canceling on lunch plans because I didn’t feel ready.

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Over the next few months, we texted back and forth incessantly. We were talking at all hours of the day (and night) and I ended up taking a family trip to Colorado and then Nevada that had me away for almost 2 weeks. During my trip, I found that I missed Brock so much! He asked me again to meet him for lunch and I ended up agreeing to see him when I came back to Florida. We met up for burgers at Rok Brgr in South Miami on March 9th, 2017 and we’ve been together ever since.

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How They Asked

On May 22nd, 2021 at around 10 AM, Brock told me to get Macky (our pup) ready for a hike. I didn’t think much of it since this is something we do fairly often. We had talked about going to a few state parks that were on our bucket list here in Wisconsin and we just hadn’t gotten around to visit yet. So we get in the car and drive for a while, and I see a few signs for Mt. Horeb and Blue Mounds so I assumed we were going on a hike to Blue Mound State Park. Once there, Brock insisted there was a specific spot he wanted to show me- so he led me to a scenic spot with a beautiful view, and there it was- an amazing catered picnic byTwisted Radish.

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I had talked to Brock about Twisted Radish myself a few months ago because I saw their work on social media. Even at this point, I had suspected nothing at all since he assured me this was just a nice date since the past year, COVID robbed us of so many date nights and adventures. I put my bag down and he quickly asked me to walk with him towards the edge of the park; he was holding my hand and I could feel he was nervous about something. I asked why was he acting so odd and without missing a bit, he got on one knee and asked me to marry him.

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As soon as I said yes, both our families came out from their hiding spots and to my surprise, they were all there! My parents and sister, his parents, brothers, and uncles. This means a lot more when you take into account that we recently moved to Wisconsin, and none of them live here, all of them flew here for this surprise. I could not contain my shaking hands and happy tears. This was the most beautiful day. I am so lucky to have someone like Brock in my life who loves me so deeply, so well.

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