Anabelle and Andrew

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How We Met

It all started in high school! We were best friends and not involved romantically– contrary to popular belief. He would walk me to class, and pick me up. We laughed so much together and speaking with him was always so much fun and easy. After high school we went separate ways and lost touch for about 7 years! A mutual friend of ours decided to celebrate his birthday and invite us; as fate would have it, even though our friend didn’t make it to his own party, we did! After that night we would text non stop, at all hours, it was crazy. A couple of weeks later we’re grabbing drinks and spending time together. Before we knew it, I was meeting his father, his mother, aunts and uncles and he was meeting mine!

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how they asked

One random day, I mentioned that it would be super romantic to have a date by the water in DUMBO, Brooklyn. Andrew jumped at the idea and said he would plan the whole thing. We had an amazing dinner at a french restaurant and then decided to take a little stroll by the water. This area in Brooklyn has an amazing view of the NYC skyline; I was none the wiser of what was about to happen. We stopped for a moment with a view of the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges Andrew began to tell me about how much he loves me (yeah, I still didn’t suspect anything) and that he was ready to “bend the knee”. He then literally got down on one knee and flashed me with the most beautiful ring I had ever seen. With tears of joy in my eyes I said yes to my best friend of 13 years– the Chandler to my Monica.

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