Anabel and Héctor

Wedding Proposal Ideas in The Rockefeller Center ice-skating rink

How We Met

On July 2nd, 2018, I was at my local supermarket running some errands. I looked like a hot mess and was on my way home from the gym. Whilst I looked for my items, I saw a tall and very good-looking guy walking around the supermarket. He was wearing a sleeveless shirt which showed off his old school tattoos, a cap (backward) and some badass headphones. He had this cool and unapologetic vibe. I thought he was cute but didn’t think he had noticed me. Little did I know. When I got home, he had already followed me on Instagram. I dropped him a message straight away ‘Hey, did I just see you in the supermarket?’. We hit it off straight away and have been inseparable ever since.

How They Asked

I had always wanted to visit New York City. Like… ALWAYS. Of course, Héctor was happy to make my dream come true.

We live in Spain and booked our flights in April 2019. I. Was. So. Excited.

Héctor and I had talked about getting engaged almost since we met. We had fantasized about what our wedding would look like, where it would be and who would be on our guest list. As someone who was adamant about not getting married, I found myself impatient to marry the kindest soul I had ever met.

October came around quickly and soon we were on a plane flying over the Atlantic Ocean. When we arrived, I was so overwhelmed. When I first laid eyes on Manhattan, standing to go the Brooklyn Bridge. I cried. I was so happy.

We spent the next 8 days exploring, walking around the city, eating and drinking and going to shows and museums. On our last day, we went ice skating at the Rockefeller Centre ice skating rink. It was night-time and very quiet. The fairy lights on the trees surrounding the rink were on; it was beautiful.

Anabel's Proposal in The Rockefeller Center ice-skating rink

At one point, I asked Héctor to take a photo of me. I waddled over to the spot I had picked out for the photo with a big smile on my face. When I turned around, he was standing in the middle of the rink with the box in his hand and snapped the photo I had asked him to take. I immediately covered my face with my hands in shock. The moment I had been dreaming off was finally there and I was so shaken I could barely speak. Héctor came over to me and popped the big question. Of course, I said YES! We spent the rest of the evening skating hand in hand and telling every stranger we had just gotten engaged.

It was the most perfect day ever.

We will be getting married in Spain in June 2021.