Ana Cristina and Andres

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How We Met

Andres and I met on a Christian Group called Christian Surfers in Ecuador. I loved the idea that I could workship God with my life, my singing and my surfing. So I was there for the first time and suddenly the leader asked who have being rejected by a woman in his life? There were like 40 people in the room but a very tanned guy and funny guy, must say, raised his hand. I was laughing so much, but I was concentrating in the word they were preaching anyway haha. What happend next? he made a joke and said to his friends SHE WILL BE MY GIRLFRIEND and started making jokes so I laugh a lot. We became friends and seeking God together, but surfing a lot together, surf became our way to be conected together with God and life!! We are 4 years and 8 months and counting! We have being inseparable!

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how they asked

He made special an ordinary day. We were going surfing like any other day, we went to playas, which is a beach near our city, its 45 minutos from here. We were looking at the waves and suddenly he told me to take out my board and go surfing!! when I was taking the board out, suddenlly saw WILL U MARRY ME, in spanish TE CASARIAS CONMIGO? written on the board!!!!! and I was so nervous i was shaking and i could not feel my legs anymore. Next, I turned around and he was on his knee with the ring, I saw my friends filming so then i realized that was true!!!!!!!!! When he put the ring on me, we was saying like yeeah it fits!!!!!

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we were laughing and almost crying, everything was happiness and joy!!!!! He told me that our story began once on the beach and now, he wanted to be forever, was so perfect! we went surfing and spend all day there and having fun like we always do!

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Special Thanks

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