Ana and Tim

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How We Met

Tim and I met for the first time, almost by accident, at the bank where I work. We’d known of each other for ages through mutual friends who insisted that we just had to meet, but not living in the same city we’d never had the chance to meet face to face. For seven years, all of our interactions were relegated to Facebook – mostly trading jabs over hockey scores and travel plans. Eventually I moved to Calgary for school, and Tim quickly became my official tour guide. As I fell in love with the city, he told me that he was learning to all over again while seeing it through my eyes.

We really got to know each other through hiking, something neither of us had really done. We live an hour from the Rocky Mountains and neither of us had ever really bothered to go out and really appreciate our own backyard. So we decided to spend our weekends in the Rockies, getting to know each other through nature. We also discovered early on that we both had a passion for travelling. We road tripped for two weeks though the USA before we even made things ‘official’. Hiking, travelling, road tripping, sitting on planes and in airports became a regular part of our lives very quickly.

In two years, we have set foot together on four continents and seen two wonders of the world. This is just the beginning. We’re going to see it all.

how they asked

At the top of Tim’s bucket list, and very near the top of mine, was Machu Picchu. Not just the historical site, but the journey there through the Inca Trail. We spent four days hiking through some of the toughest conditions that we had ever faced in our travels. Scorching afternoons, near-sub-zero nights, and a summit ascent above 4200m.

Little did I know, the whole time Tim was hiking with a ring in his pocket. He never let it out of his sight. He said that he didn’t know exactly when on the journey he would ask, but when the moment was right, he would know.

On the morning of the fourth day we arrived at Machu Picchu, and our hiking tour group managed to corner off the postcard view of the mountainside. As we posed for couple’s photos and selfies, he stopped and turned to me and said “There are two things that you said to me leading up to this trip that has stuck with me until now, and I wanted you to hear them again today. You told me that this trip would be the pinnacle of everything that we are, hikers, travellers, adventurers, and a couple of fools always looking for the next amazing thing.

The second was a question, you asked me whether I thought this trip would be as transformative to our relationship as the last. I sidestepped the question at the time, as I wasn’t exactly sure what you meant. But I do now. It’s how we are as a team, how stronger we are and how much we can lean on each other, no matter where were are in the world. And so I have an answer for you, as to whether this trip will be transformative to our relationship, but it entirely depends on your answer to my question here today…. Ana Santa Maria, will you marry me?”

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He shook like a leaf most of the time that he was giving me the speech.

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He said that his heart was beating so hard that he almost didn’t even hear himself say the words.

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But here we are, and there we were. A couple of fools lost in the world, and it was the most amazing thing.

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Special Thanks

Steve Boettcher
 | Airport security ring smuggler
Anastasia St. Amand
 | Crowd controller
Rudy, our tour guide
 | Photographer