Ana and Stephen

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How We Met

I met Steve in Croatia the summer of 2013, at a week long boat trip called The Yacht Week. It is an event in which 40+ yachts sail around the Croatian islands, and party at a different island each night. Luckily for us, and against all odds, we happened to be on the same boat. At the time, I was studying abroad in Portugal and he was working in Papua New Guinea. I am from Brazil and he is from Canada.

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When the Yacht Week ended, we decided to meet again 5 weeks later in Greece. Who would have thought travelling with a “stranger” for 2 weeks would have been the best decision I had ever made? On the Greek islands overlooking the Santorini sunset, we felt in love.

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I knew this was something great, and began a long-distance relationship. Every 5 weeks we would spend 3 weeks together, each time in a different location around the world. After one and a half years, we visited 17 countries, and all the continents together. In January 2015, we decided to take the next step and bought a house in the United States, moving in with each other. After all, home is wherever we are together.

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how they asked

By the end of the last year we went to travel around Asia for six weeks. When we arrived in Koh Samui, our second stop in Thailand, and our first island, he invited me to a “fancy” dinner and told me to wear a nice dress. The restaurant was beautiful, right in front of the beach. After we sat, two women came to ask us to take some pictures on the beach, saying that we were dressed so nice. I thought that was strange but I went anyways. On the beach was an altar, with candles saying “marry me” on the sand. He bent down on one knee and proposed. He said that he knew I was the one since the beginning, and that he will take care of me for the rest of our lives. I said yes, after all, he is the love of my life.

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Fireworks exploded.

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It was incredible!

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It could not have been any better. Later I discovered that the two women were actually photographers and a wedding planner, who have helped him to plan the proposal for the last three months. He had brought the ring in Houston months ago (where we live) and hid it perfectly from me in our house.

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After a photo shooting on the beach, we went back to the restaurant to have dinner in a special place made just for us, on a paradise island in Thailand. I could not have asked for a more romantic proposal.

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