Ana and Ryan

Image 1 of Ana and Ryan

We had been planning a vacation to Disney World for a few months, my first time going there. A couple weeks before we left he told me he had made a reservation to eat in Cinderella’s castle because he thought it would be nice since Cinderella is my favorite Disney movie. That Monday night of our week in Disney we went to eat at the castle. He told me he arranged to have the best table there, the “royal table”. I didn’t think anything was out of the ordinary and when we were seated, the table looked like every other one, nothing was different about it other than the fact that it overlooked the entire kingdom. Throughout our meal each princess approached us and took pictures, again, I didn’t think anything was out of the ordinary. Right before dessert, they brought out a dish and on the dish was a glass slipper. I was so busy admiring it that I didn’t even realize Ryan was down on one knee! I looked up at him to show him the slipper and I was shocked. The first words out of my mouth were, “what are you doing?!” He told me how much he loves me and asked me to marry him, of course I said yes! My Prince Charming presented me with the glass slipper and a beautiful ring in my fairytale proposal and we’ll live happily every after