Ana and Nick

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Newport Beach, California

How We Met

Nick and I met the very first weekend of Freshman year at the University of Utah. I was living in the dorms and his best friends were living down the hall from me. The night we met, one of his friends and I decided it would be fun to throw a pajama party, only we were the only two people to show up in pajamas (both in baggy nightgowns). They mentioned that their other two friends from off-campus were coming up, one of them being Nick. Now, I had heard his name before in conversations with my girlfriends but had always pictured another Nick. To my surprise, the most handsome guy walks in the dorm room door and I immediately regret this pajama party of two. He saw me, walked over, and the first thing he said to me was, “do you want a Pringle?” and, being the lover all things food, I was immediately hooked. Later that evening, after walking the grounds and talking about everything and anything, I did what all semi-intoxicated college kids do, I wrote him a Facebook message. “Hey :) I need your number!” He replied. “Text me so I have yours? Night cutie.”

We have been together ever since for 6 1/2 wonderfully fun years.

how they asked

California, especially Newport, is very special to Nick and I. So for this year’s vacation destination, we booked a week-long vacation in Newport Beach, California and stayed in a historic home on Balboa Island. Our second night there, we found an amazing happy hour we wanted to try. So, after spending all day at the beach, we got dressed up and ready to ride our rented beach cruisers over for some drinks. As we were riding towards the boardwalk, Nick shared that he wasn’t hungry yet and that we should keep riding and maybe take some photos with my new Polaroid camera I had with me. This wasn’t weird, I thought. Due to the latest fires in California, his asthma had been messing with him all day, so I knew he probably wasn’t hungry from that.

Proposal Ideas Newport Beach, California

So we kept riding and as we went down ways he pointed towards this long stretch of boardwalk that jetted out into the middle of the beach and a lifeguard stand at the end. It was lovely. There was no one around and the lighting was perfect. So he told me to stand towards the end of the walk, turn around, and look out towards the ocean so he could take my photo. After a few poses (I am too comfortable in front of a camera) I turned around and he was down on one knee. We spent the rest of the night riding our beach cruisers around and ended with celebratory drinks at Newport Landing. Which, fun fact, is the same place my parents got engaged over 20 years ago.