Ana and Kyle

Ana and Kyle's Engagement in Country Summer Concert in Santa Rosa, CA

How We Met

I was working out at the gym with some of my girlfriends and we were checking out the eye candy. He stood out because he had a nice butt! We faked not knowing how to use the squat machine so we could ask him for help.

How They Asked

We decided we were going to spend Kyle’s birthday at Country Summer- a local music festival that has different Country artists perform. I was planning on surprising Kyle by inviting a big group of our friends. He really wanted to meet Granger Smith (one of our favorite country artists) but since he wasn’t the headliner, they wouldn’t allow meet and greets. I went on to the Granger Smith website and found that they were doing a private meet and greet with VIP purchase. I bought us passes and surprised Kyle the day of ! Little did I know, for months he had been planning a proposal ON STAGE. He had invited all of his friends to the festival (which explained why it was so easy for me to convince them).

He had emailed GS’s tour manager who Explained that because Granger Smith was not the headliner here the proposal would not be possible on stage since they had to stick to a schedule. Kyle then decided he would just propose in front of all of our friends and family in the area where we were seated. When I surprised him with the VIP passes to meet GS, he used the meet as a great opportunity to ask again. Apparently, he received a call from the tour manager five minutes before the intended proposal song was going to start. He grabbed me by the hand and we started for the stage. I was confused but he told me we were invited backstage! Then, during our favorite song, GS invited us out and Kyle got down on one knee- the easiest question I’ve ever had to answer! The proposal was also in the news.

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