Ana and Jeff

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How We Met

Chapter 1 – Meeting

We met at work.

Yes, we met at work… just like all you other scandalous employees out there. The nice part about it is that we got to know each other first, develop a friendship, and had an excuse to see each other daily. Co-workers became pals, pals became boyfriend/girlfriend, boyfriend/girlfriend became engaged, and now soon to be husband and wife.

how they asked

Jeff had a company party at the Museum of Man in Balboa Park where the California tower is located at. Considering we were going to be there he suggested we went on a tour as they had recently opened the tower after being closed to the public for 80 years. I thought it was an awesome idea.

We arrived at the Museum of Man and checked in for the tour. I couldn’t help noticing Jeff’s company party set up was in place. Jeff and I proceeded to wait for other people to arrive to begin the tour but because it was a Saturday the staff mentioned that usually Saturdays are not busy for tours.

We started the tour and it was just Jeff and I and the two tour guides. From the second floor of the Museum, you go up a staircase which was hidden to the public for decades. Then you climb a few floors, getting glimpses of the outside through slim windows. Finally, you climb a spiral metal stairway and emerge into sunlight where you will get spectacular views of San Diego. There, some 200 feet up, overlooking Balboa Park, Downtown, and even the ocean, is where the next part of the story of us began. We smile every time we drive by it, fly into town or see it on a commercial.

So, about Jeff’s company party? well he made it up. Funny thing, there was a corporate event at the Museum of Man but not for Jeff’s company. He got lucky!

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Special Thanks

 | They knew all along it was a proposal, they made sure to go through with the tour as normal. even though it was just Jeff and I on the tour.
Blue Nile
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