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How We Met

I met my future husband Jason at my job, he would take care of the building I work at ( he does irrigation )..i would always see him working outside and just stare at him .. i liked him since the first day I saw him.. it took me a year to talk to him , finally one day I ask him if he was thirsty and he said yes , he was really nervous and so cute, the sun was hitting his face and I could see his freckles (I LOVE his freckles ) finally before I got inside back to work he ask me “hey can I have .. at this moment o thought he would ask for my number but he ask for (drum roll!) … he ask for my Facebook !! Lol .. In my mind I was really ? ? But I didn’t care it was a start … but since I really liked him I put my Facebook and my number lol .. later I suffered lol because it took him a while to call hehe .. finally he called and the first thing I ask him was , why he took so long to talk to me .. his answer was “oh I like you for a while but when I ask one of your coworkers about you he said you were married ”

Ana and Jason's Engagement in South padre island

I was in shock and laugh and said no I’m not married , I just have my son that’s it .. I was a little nervous I didn’t know how he would react after learning I was a single mother but he didn’t care and for our first date it was me, my son and him .. my son likes him a lot too .. that first date was the first of many .. and after been together for 5 years and been a dad to my son he finally proposed ?

Ana's Proposal in South padre island

how they asked

Originally I planned his birthday celebration with a Road trip to South Padre island for the weekend, so on Saturday we went to the casinos in Port Aransas ( in a boat ), what I thought it would be a fun night turn out the complete opposite :( , I got really sea sick and half of the people in it too lol .. I really felt bad for my boyfriend because instead of having fun he was taking care of me and had to watch other people puke ( gross!) by the end of the night I felt so bad because I felt I ruined the whole birthday weekend for him, because I really didn’t had anything big planned for the next day … so on Sunday the only thing on my mind was walking in the beach and spend our day there all day, but he comes and says “babe since you didn’t plan anything for Sunday, I booked sandcastle classes for today”.

At first I was OK cool, he said “let’s make it a competition however makes a cooler castle wins”! .. so I was very excited because I’m kinda competitive lol …before we left to the beach I was getting ready and just putting a swimsuit and some shorts and he tells me, “no babe put this dress.. my reaction was like, really ? Why? ( I didn’t suspect anything ).. he goes well the lady that is giving us the class is pretty popular and it just happens that today she is been interview for a documentary ( the documentary part was true ) and our class is at the same time she is having her interview .. so you don’t want to be looking all messy on a video that will be on the internet right ? “… so I was OK you right .. when we got there we meet Lucinda “sandyfeet” who is the sandcastle professional and we meet Marisol from “where is the horse ” she was doing the interview (and filming the proposal hehe) ,Lucinda showed us how to do a castle , while we were working in our castles, Marisol ask her to do one for the interview one with her logo and Lucinda said fine , I honestly didn’t care much about what Lucinda was doing because my mind was in making the best castle and win the bet .. by the time I was finishing my castle I was already getting desperate that my boyfriend wasn’t finishing his because I was hot and ready to go ..

He saw me standing and quickly got up and said you are not finish but he was nervous I didn’t suspect anything because I was hot and ready to go( wearing a hheavy dress is not good for a beach lol) finally he said I’m finished and I said “ha! My castle is better lol.. he just laughs and says “yes yours is better “… then he ask me “let’s see how the castle that Lucinda did looks ” I was ok .. when I got up and walk towards her castle and saw it I was speechless .. I couldn’t believe my eyes !!

The castle wasn’t for the documentary .. it was for me and it said ” would you marry me Ana ” I was in shock and so happy I wasn’t expecting that for sure it took me a minute to answer and said yes that my fiancé got nervous and thought for a minute I was going to say no lol ..

but I finally said yes and was surprised that he got me the ring I once told him I wanted but thought that was no longer available because it was sold (its a vintage ring )little did I know he got it and kept it for a year before the proposal, now i can’t wait to marry the man I love, please October 7th 2017 hurry up! ?

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