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We met in 2012 I was in Ecuador visiting my family and friends when my best friend decided to Introduced me to one of her friend’s cousin. When we met it was love at first sight even thought we started dating on 2013. we talked for hours, we went out on dates whenever I was there or he was in NYC and even though we lived in different countries eventually we decided to continue our relationship. It’s been almost 4 and last December 28 we had planned to have dinner with a couple of his friends we went out for drinks and snacks but one of her friends decided to go back to ask some information to a nearby hotel both of us stayed and waited until the receptionist took us to the second floor which is a balcony with a view towards a river and first thing I see is a heart made of rose petals and a table set up for two with wine, when I turned my back he said merry Christmas this is your gift after that we had dinner and he proposed It was perfect a dinner on a balcony on a Monday night ❤️

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