Ana and Gabriel

Engagement Proposal Ideas in My House

How We Met

We met when we started high school. That same year we started dating. He says that since the first moment he saw me, he knew I’ll be the one. The reason he knew was because of my green eyes. When he was little, his mom always told him that he will get this beautiful blue eye girlfriend and he always told her, “I want a girlfriend with green eyes”.

How They Asked

He has always asked me how was my dream proposal (simple, elegant, destination, etc) and I always told him that I want something simple and with meaning or sentiment for us. One night he was leaving my house and we were walking to the driveway together and he asked me, “do you remember the first time I visited you?” and I told him, “no” and we both laughed. “It was for your 15th birthday”, he said. He continued, “It is funny that this same driveway has seen us happy, sad, angry, and worried. This is the place where you come and say hello to me and kiss me goodbye”. At that moment, I knew he was going to propose and I started crying. He continues talking and said, “and by this same driveway we will carry your last things when we move to our home together!” He got on one knee and finally after 6 years and a half he said, “Ana, will you marry me?”

Ana and Gabriel's Engagement in My House