Ana and Emanuel

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How We Met

I like to think that our story started way back before we even knew we were going to meet each other. A perfect example of God’s plan if you ask me. In 2001 my family and I moved to the United States from Brazil, I was only 5 years old. Growing up in a suburb of Atlanta I always met new people and had crushes here and there in schools, but never anything serious until my sophomore/junior year of high school. After that relationship ended, I told myself I wasn’t going to get into another one for a longgg time (typical, I know). Well, freshman year of college came around and I was attending Valdosta State University. About 1 month into school, this very handsome, very tall, very funny guy approached me in class (Emanuel) and we talked briefly before going our separate ways. About a week later I was going out with my friends actually celebrating the fact of being single for 3 years when this same very handsome, tall, funny guy approached me asking if I had seen his friend (whom we both had a class with). Well, we circled that place about 5 times before finally giving up and sitting down on a bench for the rest of the night.

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Side note: I later found out that he was never even looking for his friend, he just wanted a reason to come up to me and talk to me. From that point forward I knew he was the one. We spent all night talking and getting to know one another. There was a spark, Magic, butterflies, you name it we had it going on! Like I mentioned earlier about God’s plan, I came to find out that his family moved from Cuba IN 2001! They moved to South Ga, and instead of attending the same college his siblings had, which was closer to his parents, he decided on VSU.

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In October of this year, it will be 4 years that we have been together. Our relationship has had its ups and downs just like any relationship but we always talked about our future together and looked forward to graduating, getting big girl/big boy jobs, moving, and starting a family together.

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how they asked

Around Christmas time last year, he told me his parents were planning on going on a cruise this summer and that me and my family were also invited! Well, long story short, my parents couldn’t come but my sister was able to! My sister and I spent months planning what to wear at each port and we were so excited to be going on a cruise for one whole week exploring all the different islands! Well, cruise time comes around and a few days before the ship left Emanuel came to my parents’ house (who live in Orlando) to stay a few days before we drove down to Miami where the cruise was leaving from!

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Side note: during these few days he stayed here was when he asked my parents for my hand in marriage. He had my sister get me out of the house by asking me to take her to Starbucks, so he could sit my parents down and tell them of his plan. We left on the cruise on Saturday, July 14, the first day was basically a game of don’t get lost and don’t lose one another lol! The following day was our first full day at sea until we got to Jamaica on Monday!

Monday, June 16, 2018. We arrive in Ocho Rios, Jamaica and eagerly get off so we can start exploring! We went on a tour around the town before finally settling down at a beach. Once at the beach, we decided to go on a walk with everyone so we could get some pictures where the water was super clear and there were less people. Another side note: my sister and I love taking pictures so when the idea of going to take some came up, I didn’t even think twice about heading there! Not once did I get the feeling that something was going to happen.

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We finally get to a nice spot and I’m just in awe of how beautiful the water is and that’s when Emanuel mumbled something and I look at him like “huh?!” And he repeats himself, “haven’t you always said you’d love to get engaged at the beach?” And I look at him kinda like “…yeah…that would be nice..” (aka why are you bringing this up?!?!) and the next thing I know he’s down on one knee asking me to marry him. It was a rush of emotions I was shocked I looked at him and asked: “are you serious?!” And he just smiled from ear to ear and gave me that look of “so are you going to answer me?” Haha and I said, “of course!!” Everything was perfect. He is perfect. I am beyond grateful and blessed to have such amazing people in my life (my parents, his parents, his sister, and my sister) that were able to keep this secret without making me suspicious of anything.

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