Ana and Daniel

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Stuttgart

How We Met

I was 16 years old shy girl, with a lack of confidence and Daniel was 17 years old funny boy, always ready to make others smile. But we didn’t know each other until a friend of mine decides to give my phone number to him (but without my permission). At that time I felt really angry with her because I just wanted to be in my comfort zone. What I didn’t know was that decision would change my life forever. And when I say ”change” it’s not just a cliche way to tell it was special. No. He really changed my life. He was my miracle. I’ll explain to you why. When I was 15 years old I’ve passed through tough times, those that destroy a person in every single way, you know? I felt truly alone, frightened.

Life made no longer sense to me. And then he appeared… Irradiating all that light and carrying the most caring heart I ever knew. In that time I asked myself: how can he pay attention to such a dark heart like mine? “He’s crazy!”. He saw wonderful things in me that I couldn’t see. He told me beautiful things that I couldn’t believe. Over the years he taught me how to trust myself again, to love me as I am. Because if he loved me, why couldn’t I love myself too? Almost 8 years passed and here we are, stronger than ever, and together. And I’m so glad I’ve met him. And I’m not ashamed to tell this, because I feel really lucky to have this pure soul by my side. Today I am just proud of who we are and grateful that she gave my phone number!

Proposal Ideas Stuttgart

How They Asked

We were in the middle of a trip through Germany, visiting stunning places and having lots of fun! Although this trip was not what we first planned, and we had to prepare everything on the last day (which was really chaotic), it came out to be the best EVER!

We arrived in Stuttgart and we found an amazing place (Schlossgarten), we found it so beautiful that we decide to take some photos in there. That’s when Daniel said that he was going to prepare the tripod and told me to move near the place we wanted to shoot. I felt very excited as normally I am the one who gives the ”shooting ideas”, but this time Daniel was really motivated. So I did what he asked me.

That’s when the surprising part begins! I was clearly not imaging what was almost happening. Suddenly when we were just looking at each other, Daniel bent the knee, took a little white box and said ”Do you wanna marry me?”. I don’t know if my heart was going to pump out of my chest or if I was shaking. I just felt huge happiness inside me and I instantly started crying. It took me just a few seconds and I said YES!