Ana and Christian

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How We Met

Christian and I met at River of Life fellowship church. We were both thirteen years old at that time. We later became best friends after getting to know one another. I remember opening up to him and feeling safe knowing that I had such a good friend. Our young friendship later developed into a relationship that blossomed while we were in high school. We both realized how much we truly love another and we kept falling in-love as we grew together. Now we are both twenty-three years old and still very much in-love. We often look back and appreciate at how we were best friends at first.

how they asked

Christian had already planned for both of our families to have dinner on my birthday. He gifted me with a full day spa! (From mani, pedi, & haircut) He also purchased my birthday outfit and shoes! I was already in awe of everything he did on my birthday. He truly made me feel very special. While eating dinner with my family, Christian asked me to go upstairs with him. We left the dining area and headed towards the staircase where he tells me to keep my eyes closed. He then took my hand and guided me all the way to the top. I felt a cool breeze as I hear him opening a set of doors. While holding his hands, he tells me open my eyes. We were on a top balcony filled with lights and candles and flower petals on the floor. (Apparently, he had been preparing the lights and everything with our close friends.) Image 2 of Ana and Christian

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The song “The way you look tonight” played in the background and I was speechless. He played our top favorite love songs. (The way you look tonight, Lucky, At Last, Don’t Change) We slow danced and laughed and even sang along to our songs.

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While dancing, he spoke about our love and how we have grown so much more in-love. (we are both crying at this point) and he pulled a ring box out of his pocket, got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him.

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After saying “YES!” I hear a crowd cheer from above us. He had invited all of our close friends and families. I got to share this memory with my loved ones, and it was just an emotional and unforgettable night. (I later found out that he hired a videographer to record the whole proposal) We celebrated together and thanked our families and friends for coming. We hugged them goodbye as we left that place as an engaged couple!

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