Ana and Carlos

Where to Propose in L’Osteria Restaurant

How We Met

Carlos and I met while working at a school together. A friend introduced us but everything looked like a normal co-worker’s relationship. We started to talk and we noticed there was that feeling of “we click”, time wasn’t enough, there were laughs and that special feeling of comfy, something that we were waiting for a long time. We started dating after three months and our adventure began.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in L’Osteria Restaurant

Ana and Carlos's Engagement in L’Osteria Restaurant

Marriage Proposal Ideas in L’Osteria Restaurant

Ana's Proposal in L’Osteria Restaurant

How They Asked

Carlos loves surprises so he planned this moment for almost two months.

My best friends asked me to go to an entrepreneur event so we got ready. At the restaurant entrance, one of my friends covered my eyes and immediately my heart beat so fast.

We walked throughout the restaurant and we caught people’s attention, then my sister removed the vend while she said “enjoy it you deserve this moment” I saw him and I couldn’t hold my tears, my eyes were seeing the man of my dreams holding some flowers for me and on the back, I read “Will you marry me?”

I walked through a hall full of flowers, I held his hands and he asked the question that changed our lives, of course, I answered “YES, I DO”

Special Thanks

Claudia Mancilla
 | Planning
Beto Hernández
 | Photographer