Ana and Brad

how we met

Whether it was fate or lucky coincidence I am lucky we met!Ironically we both lived and still do in the same town, which we always say everyone knows everyone however it took us both being out an hour away from home to meet. Our story begins February of 2011. We randomly met through a mutual friend one evening . We were both dragged out by a different set of friends, bumped into each other, got to talking and realizing we had quite a bit in common. No, he did not get my number that night because he thought my buddy was my boyfriend…Clearly he was very wrong! In Brad’s words I later “hunted him down” on Facebook and the rest is history. Eight years later we decided to finally do the damn thing and make it official!

how they asked

This past March 18, 2019 Brad, proposed on our annual snowboarding trip, which this year happened to be in Lake Tahoe. With all the snow they go this year the place was like a winter wonderland and the entire trip was breathtaking. He kicked off the trip with the proposal fireside our first night and it could not have been more perfect and so very us. It was 6 degrees out, lightly snowing and as I was sipping my craft beer outside a local brewery, trying to warm up my fingers and toes by the fire, he popped the question. I could sense he was being a bit strange, probably trying to gather his thoughts and courage, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him with the most beautiful ring!


Special Thanks

Angela Moon Photography
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