Ana and Adan

How We Met

It all started at a reggae bar in Ocean Beach. I was celebrating my birthday with some close friends. One of my friends invited this handsome stranger to come along and the moment I saw him I thought to myself, who is that & he better not have a girlfriend!! I had never instantly thought that about anyone before. But we didn’t see or talk to each other again until 2 months later. We all made plans to go back to that bar again and he was there. I offered my number to him since he was very shy and something in me knew that this was the person I was meant to marry. I didn’t really know what kind of person he was but my heart and God knew. After talking on the phone for a week we went on a picnic date to Mission Bay and the next day he asked me to be his girlfriend. 2 weeks later he told me he loved me and we have been together ever since!! I never thought of getting married or EVER settling down with anyone because I didn’t see marriage as something I truly wanted. But after dating for a few months we knew we wanted to settle down and grow old together.

How They Asked

One year later on our anniversary he put together a surprise party at his parents; house. On our way to his “sister’s birthday party” he seemed oddly nervous and quiet. I kept asking if he was okay but he brushed it off saying he was fine. Everyone was getting the party together and I was inside the house finishing some homework. He called me to go outside and I was shocked to see my family there. He held my hand and started telling my how much he loved me. I instantly started freaking out because why would my family be here, it was too early for the party, and why is he randomly telling me these things?? But he then got on one knee and TRIED to ask me to marry him. But my happy tears were preventing him from speaking he was trying to hold back his own tears. But I said Yes! & he proposed in front of our family. Even though we had talked about getting married, I never thought it would actually happen.

Special Thanks

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