Guy Fakes an Entire Action Film to Propose to his Girlfriend


How We Met

Seth and I were somewhat acquaintances via a complicated network of friends. We had exchanged a few Facebook messages with the last one being my number and then…nothing. Over a YEAR later, I received a text from an unknown number that read “Why do you hate me?” to which I replied “You must have the wrong number.” Who knew that a few short months after this text that I would not only not “hate” him, but that I would be indescribably head over heels , madly IN LOVE with this man.


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how they asked

I am currently in Physician Assistant school and to celebrate finishing my second trimester, Seth decided to take me to NYC for the first time. The plan was to finish finals Thursday and leave for our trip on Friday morning. Of course, many of my friends thought there was a chance that Seth would propose while in NYC so thankfully I had gotten my nails done. Thursday morning, I finished my last final and headed to see Seth (who lives in a different town.) Our only plans for that evening was to help his brother, who is fairly well known for his special effects skills on YouTube, make a short action video. The overall premise was to be somewhat James Bond like where there would be guns, helicopters shooting at us, and a big explosion. Naturally, I was really extremely excited and NERVOUS because this was the first video his brother was letting me be in. Seth wore a suit and I wore one of my favorite dresses. We headed to the top of a local car garage around sunset for the video. It started out with his brother making me run all over the garage in heels and shooting at fake helicopters. Of course I was trying my hardest and the final scene was for me to be thrown against the side of the concrete pillar, pull myself up, and look over the side. I was NOT supposed to turn around because Seth was supposedly to have shrapnel in his back and thus me seeing him for the first time was to be dramatic.

Sunset Proposal (2)

Trying to be in character as much as possible, I was looking over the edge and didn’t turn around until I heard “Cymber.” I turned around and the love of my life was on one knee with the most beautiful ring I have ever seen.

Sunset Proposal (3)

Sunset Proposal (4)

I cried hysterically with joy and then I hear “that’s a wrap!”

Afterwards we headed to his aunt’s house for a what was supposed to be a really quick drop in. Unknown to me, it was my engagement party! Seth had managed to get my entire family into town, some of my closest friends, and many of his own friends and family there! As soon as I saw them, I once again broke down in tears. Not the cute kind of tears either, the bawling type tears. My little heart could not take so much love!

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