An Artistic Time-Lapsed Proposal

How We Met: We were both working at the same place at the time and I was throwing a party for my best friend Amanda because she was moving to LA. She invited her childhood friend Kylie. So we were working and Kylie came up to me and was like “Hi I’m Kylie.” and put her hand out to shake my hand. I laughed and happily replied. “Kylie Ya I know you! we went to highschool together, I’m Zane.” She then told me how she was coming to my house for the party and I told her directions. The next night while everyone was partying I was talking to Kylie. We talked all night on the back porch about our passions. I showed her all of my art and photography and really Impressed her. Enough to get her phone number and take her out to dinner the next week.


how they asked: One of the things Kylie always loved about me was my creativity and artistic talent. I brought her into the whole art scene and we bond over photography and all forms of art. Every gift I give her I put days and weeks into it to make her something extraordinary. So I definitely wanted to incorporate my art in a simple matter. I time-lapsed me painting her a painting and then took photos of the engagement ring to incorporate into the video. The next morning I drove to her apartment while she was in class and snuck in with some help from her roommate. I set up the painting, our favorite candles, and some led candles. I also set up my camera in the corner to take some photos for the time-lapse. Then I anxiously waited until she got out of class. It felt like an eternity. As soon as I heard the door open to the apartment my heart was racing. She came in her room and was shocked. I got on one knee asking her to spend the rest of her life with me. “You didn’t!” she said and took a step back in shock. Then replied with “Yes! of course.” Then I told her I was going to make her a time-lapse of it all. And she was super excited to see the video and share it with all her friends and family. We love the video and watch it all the time. Here’s the video:




Here’s some other stuff I’ve painted for Kylie:


IMG_4717 copy 20120810-IMG_2880-3

Zane’s work can be found here.