Amy and Ryan

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How We Met

We met freshman year in high school. We became instant friends when my mom announced how cute he was at the local grocery store he was working at one afternoon. The two of us stayed friends all through high school but grew closer in college even though we were at two separate schools. We started dating when we graduated college in 2012, the rest is history!

how they asked

My family and I go to Disney twice a year and he’s joined us as much as possible over the past 4 years. In November 2015, I booked our room for April because we love going to Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival. As luck would have it though, my dad would have to cancel on us because he had to stay home for work. Then we were suppose to fly down Saturday with mom and sister but the airline we were traveling on was cheaper Friday. So at this point, I said sure why not let’s go Friday. My friend Joseph that was coming agreed to fly down Friday with Ryan and I, as well. I told them if we go early, then lets shoot some pictures of new arrivals for my boutique’s website.

Oh also about 2 weeks before we leave, I find out my dad will get to come for at least 2 days! YAY family trip back on!

Well come Friday, the day we leave, trouble starts a brewing. We pick Joseph up from work, he’s running late and I am starting to freak out because we are pushing it for time. At this point though, storms are on their way to Dallas so we are hoping our flight gets out on time. Nope, we got pushed back an hour, then two hours. Ryan seemed a little antsy but he’s always checking on flights and staying updated so I didn’t think much of it. By the time we find out we’ve been delayed 4 hours, we decide it’s time to start drinking and have some fun. I think this was more to calm Ryan than anything, you’ll soon find out. We boarded our plane around 12:30 am and got to our first hotel in Florida around 4 am. What a Friday.

Saturday morning we wake up about 930 am to get ready for the photo shoot for my boutique’s website. Everything at this point is right on except we are all EXHAUSTED! So we go and get checked into Disney’s Contemporary Resort, my favorite! I keep a bag with me so I can switch through outfits and Ryan has his computer bag(still oblivious, he’s a real estate agent that thing is attached to him). Anyways we start taking pictures, first outfit done and onto the next. I’m finishing pictures in my second dress and Ryan asks, “Don’t you have something else to pair with that?” I answer no, I wasn’t bringing jewelry with me too.

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Then he pulls out this little black box and I instantly flip out and ask, “Is this for real?” Which it was and I said, “YES” after freaking out and not keeping it together. He was super nervous too. He forgot to get down on one knee and he barely got his sunglasses off to ask me to marry him. It was so adorable. Then Ryan goes that’s not it.. My parents will be here when your parents arrive as well. We’ve all been planning this for the past month.

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Now remember how my dad was allowed to come all of a sudden? It’s because work didn’t want him missing his daughter’s engagement and my mom might have had a little say in it too. Ryan was freaking out Friday night because his parents were on the first flight out Saturday morning and if our flight got delayed to that point, well it would’ve been interesting. Joseph, my friend only found out about 2 weeks before hand because Ryan was afraid he couldn’t keep his mouth shut, but he did a bomb job shooting pictures!

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It honestly couldn’t have been any better! I love Disney and being able to celebrate with family in the happiest place on earth for a week was the best!

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