Amy and Raymond

How We Met: My boyfriend and I met through an online dating website. We were in long distance relationship, he came to Canada about 3 times during the last two years.

how they asked: Finally he did it! My boyfriend and I were dating long distance for over two years. I came to California to visit him and we planned a trip to Vegas. He had told me he made plans for that one night. Around 7pm he asked me to get ready and started picking my outfit, we finally left the room and I was told we are going to the Eiffel tower. We went up there and I didn’t see any other people except a security guard, photographer, and some champagne. Finally he pulled the ring out and I was shocked. The security guy told me they had closed down the Eiffel tower because it was raining that day. My boyfriend had them open up it just for us. He proposed in the sky 460 feet above the ground. Everyone knew I was the special girl going up there just with my bf. It was just amazing ..speechless.

Image 1 of Amy and Raymond

Image 2 of Amy and Raymond