Amy Lynn and Laurence Renaul

Amy Lynn and Laurence Renaul's Engagement in Metropolitan Museum of Art

How We Met

We both went to high school together at The King’s Academy in West Palm Beach, FL. Despite us going to the same school all throughout high school, it took until his senior year (my junior year) for us to ever meet! I joined the Praise Band my second semester of junior year, where he played guitar and I sang. At first we both thought the other hated each other (there was an incident with a fire place, long story), but eventually we warmed up to each other and became good friends. After his senior trip to Europe, he text me a picture of an inside joke we’d had throughout the year, and we got to talking after that. We realized we had a lot in common, and we ended up getting really close that summer following his graduation. It took him a month and a half to finally get the guts to ask me on a date, but I’m sure glad he did! We started officially dating one month before he left for college, and have been long distance ever since. I’ve been going to Savannah College of Art and Design for Fashion Marketing and Management in Savannah, GA while he has been attending Florida State University for Economics in Tallahassee, FL. It’s definitely not easy, but worth it for the right person.

Where to Propose in Metropolitan Museum of Art

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Metropolitan Museum of Art

how they asked

This past summer I was working in New York City as an intern with Ralph Lauren, while Laurence was working in Connecticut with Christ Presbyterian Church of Wallingford to help with the church planting process. It was the last weekend of the summer, and he had been visiting every other weekend or so. He was planning to come into town on my last day of work, August 11th, and spend the weekend helping me pack and move out of my sublet. We had talked about getting married after we both graduate this year, so I knew a proposal would probably be coming sometime soon, but I had no idea it would be that very day!

The night before, a friend of mine from high school that I hadn’t seen in a while text me asking if we could catch up and meet for coffee before I left the city. We agreed to meet at the MET since he had a meeting with his agent there (he is an actor), and I didn’t have to go in that day until 2pm for the intern party, so we planned to meet around 12:30pm. As per usual, I was running a bit late, so I didn’t arrive until closer to 1pm (which I would later learn worked in my favor).

Upon arrival, I text my friend Connor to let him know I was there. At the same time, Laurence texts me saying “I think Connor is over by the fountain and the tables”. Mind you, I knew he was coming into town already, and he knew I was meeting up with Connor, so I figured he must have just gotten there early and wanted to grab my keys to the apartment. I stood in front of the steps, very confused, looking for either Connor or Laurence, but didn’t see either one!

I text back Laurence and said “Are you here?”

He tells me “Go to the fountain and the tables.”

I’m on the left side of the steps, by a fountain and tables, and there is no one I know in sight.

At this point, Connor had already text me saying he was inside, and Laurence appeared to be just messing around with me. I text him back and said “Okay stop being creepy, I have to go inside to meet Connor, where are you?”

No response.

Now I’m just annoyed that he’s being a pain. So I was about to give up and just walk inside to meet my friend. Laurence could wait until later to get the keys.

Right as I’m hitting the middle of the stairs, my phone rings and it’s my friend Ahdo, who also attends SCAD with me.

I’m extremely confused, but answer the phone.


He says “Hey Amy! Are you at the MET right now?”

By now I am just stunned, confused, and honestly a bit nervous.

“Uh, yes I’m at the MET… why??”

He laughs a little and says “Go over to the fountain and the tables on the right side of the steps, you’ll find a gift box waiting for you.”

Now I start to realize that this is probably happening right now, and I try to control myself as I walk towards the other side.

I was in my work outfit and had brought a change of clothes to wear after I was done (where, ironically, Laurence and I had plans to go to the MET). I looked down and realized I had my sandals on for work (13th floor and heels is not a good combination), and thought to myself in true Amy fashion, “There’s no way I can be wearing flats at my own proposal” and quickly stopped to change into my heels that I had brought for after work. I quickly continued walking over and scanning the area for a gift box. I expected there to be a box on the edge of the fountain or something, but boy was I wrong.

As I got closer, I noticed a man on one knee…. with a giant gift box on his head.

If you know anything about Laurence, this part of the story would not surprise you at all.

I almost stopped dead in my tracks and started laughing. Of course he would have a box on his head to propose.

I put down my work bags next to our friend, Ahdo, who recorded the whole thing and took photos for us.

I then walked up to my crazy soon to be fiance and took a note off the top of the box. On this note it explained that he was giving himself to me forever (hence the gift box). I then took the box off his head, and he proceeded to ask at the Metropolitan Museum of Art,

“Amy Lynn Kulp, will you marry me?”

I said, “You’re ridiculous, yes!”

The whole proposal was 100% us. Laurence being thoughtful in asking at my favorite place in the city, while still being true to himself and wearing a ridiculous box on his head. And me being me, and changing into heels 30 seconds before my own proposal. We are so excited to begin this next stage of life and to take on the world together!

Special Thanks

Ahdo Stephenson
 | Photographer