Amy and David

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Toronto, ON Rolling Pin Bakery

How We Met

David and I met when we were 17 years old! It wasn’t love at first sight it was quite the opposite! He thought I was the craziest person he had ever met. We were working together as cashiers at Loblaws and slowly we got to know each more and more. We became really great friends and would always go out with our friends. I noticed that David would always find a way to position himself so he would be sitting beside me after about 6 months David finally asked me to hang out together just us two❤! I was so nervous we went to a high school football game that our schools were facing each other and went out to dinner after (pickel barrel). I was Davids first girlfriend so he had no idea what to do and made the memorable evening, we drove around for hours talking about everything under the moon! From that moment we were both hooked and 8 years later we are engaged!

how they asked

David and I were visiting family in Toronto where we are originally from. We moved to Northern Manitoba to teach on a reserve. We both woke up on Tuesday morning and David said he had a date day planned and told me to get ready because we were going head out right away! He took me to ceramic painting first I choose a frog with a crown and he chose a picture frame. I thought it was odd that he chose a picture but he said he wanted to remember the date forever so he put the date and D+A=LOVE. He had planned to put our engagement photo of the day into the photo frame he had painted! We were finished painting the ceramics and I thought we were going to head home but little did I know David had other plans.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Toronto, ON Rolling Pin Bakery

I have the worst direction sense and next thing I know we are in front of my favorite bakery The Rolling Pin bakery! I of course announce that I have to use the washroom and David was like no you have to wait! I thought that was odd but I waited until we had paid for parking but as soon as we got inside I ran to the washroom! When I came out of the washroom David was standing in front of the bakery display case and asked if I wanted a cake. I replied “of course I love cakes!” When I looked in the display case there was a cake that read “Amy will you Marry me?”

I was so shocked I turned around and David was down on one knee and next thing I knew he was saying “Amy Margret MacDonald will you marry me?”. The rest is a giant blur and I think at one point I said YES of course!! It was one of the happiest days of my life and am so excited to marry the love of my life and my best friend!

Special Thanks

The Rolling Pin
They created the cake that helped with david asking me to marry him and we used the bakery to get engaged in!