Amy and Blaine

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How We Met

It all started five years ago, when I hated country music. My best friend Sarah invited me out to Incahoots (country line dancing bar) which I was hesitant to go because it was would mean listening to country music all night long. She insisted it would be a fun night dancing. When I got there I ended up on the sidelines since I didn’t know any of the dance, I joked to her I would only dance if there was a cute guy to teach me. Next thing I knew she turned around and stopped two guys in bright yellow CAL State Long Beach shirts. Blaine stopped and insisted he would teach me to dance, of course I insisted against it. After talking for about an hour outside he convinced me to two step with him and the rest is history….

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how they asked

Now fast forward five years. Blaine had planned a trip to Paso Robles for our five year anniversary trip, little did I know there would be a proposal coming. On the way up Storm Lucifer was happening (yes that is what the weather station was calling it)! We decided the week before we would stop in Santa Barbara night one since this storm was supposed to be the biggest one in six years. Driving to Santa Barbara took over five hours from Orange County, because the freeway was closed when we were 20 miles away from hotel due to a mudslide. At this point, I suggested we cancel the trip and go another weekend, but Blaine was determined and he found another route that was an hour detour. Now the next day, the day of the proposal, Blaine had set up a reservation at our favorite winery (Daou Winery) where we had a private table set up with a view.

We were debating whether to do just a wine tasting or lunch because our reservation said one hour only, little did I know, we had the table all day. The event coordinator of Daou Winery came over and asked to take our picture outside for the social media page to attract others in. Of course I said yes. We took one normal picture smiling then I saw Blaine took off his sweater and as I went to I looked back and noticed he was on one knee.

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I was so excited and nervous all at the same time, all I remember was him asking me to Marry Him and everyone in the crowd around us cheering and clapping. Thankfully the “event coordinator” had captured our special moment. This was a weekend I will never forget!

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