Amy and Benjamin

How We Met

Ben and I met in Salt Lake City on the dating app, Bumble. I was born and raised in Park City, Utah and he had lived in Salt Lake for about 2 years when we met. He is originally from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula but moved to Utah for work and a change of scenery. Little did he know he would meet the love of his life there! We started talking a little bit and about a month or so after we ‘matched’ he asked me out. It’s so funny now because after we had been together for about a year he told me that when we were first planning our first date he thought I was blowing him off. That was not true! The truth is he asked me to hang out on Saturday night but I was going to be out of town fly fishing in Idaho that day. He then said what about Tuesday night? I said sure, but Monday rolled around and I realized what Tuesday was… Valentine’s Day!

I didn’t want the pressure on our first date being Valentine’s Day! Haha More realistically though we couldn’t have gotten in anywhere that night to eat unless we wanted to wait hours for a table so I texted him and said, “let’s do something Wednesday instead.” He agreed and we met up a brewery in Sugarhouse in Salt Lake. We hit it off immediately and it was such a relief to have finally met someone online that was so…. normal! We learned later on that both of our dating experiences from our online dates were equally weird, and it makes it even funnier now that we don’t ever have to do that again. Thank goodness! About three months after we started dating Ben told me that he had been offered a really great job in rural western Nebraska.

Amy's Proposal in Cody Johnson Concert in Loveland, Colorado

Ben’s mom is from a small town there and his grandpa still lives on the farm and runs a cattle operation at 86 years old. Ben spent all of his summers growing up there and wanted to be able to help his grandpa with the farm so he applied for jobs in his field in the surrounding area. I was obviously devastated. I had finally met someone I loved spending time with, someone who made me laugh, and made me so incredibly happy and he had to move. It was too early on in our relationship for me to ask him to stay and I knew how excited he was about this offer, so I didn’t. He moved a few weeks later but we didn’t let that change anything about our blossoming love. I visited him out at the farm and he came back to see me on the weekends. We talked on the phone every night and texted all day, everyday. In May of 2017 when I was out at the farm for Ben’s brother’s wedding he said he loved me and I told him I loved him right back. In September of 2017, I packed up everything, left all of my family and moved from Utah to the farm in Nebraska and the rest is history.

Where to Propose in Cody Johnson Concert in Loveland, Colorado

how they asked

Oh my goodness! Where do I even begin? Let’s start by saying, I was more than surprised when it happened which made it even more amazing! We had driven 3 hours down from western Nebraska, where we live, to Loveland, Colorado to see one of our favorite country singers in concert, Cody Johnson for the 4th time. I think that aided in the fact that I had no idea it was going to happen because we had seen him so many times it just felt normal, nothing out of the ordinary. We had two of Ben’s friends visiting us from Utah and that helped to keep me distracted in the days leading up to the proposal. The concert began as normal as can be, except when we went through security, which it wasn’t until after and we reflected on the night that I realized what happened was all a part of hiding the ring box from me! As we passed through security they were checking all of the men’s boots, they instructed each man to pull up both pant legs and show them the inside of the tops of their boots. Ben was the last to go through and was “on the phone” holding up the line. I was standing at the head of the group thinking to myself how rude he was being! Now that it’s over, it makes me giggle thinking about it.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Cody Johnson Concert in Loveland, Colorado

He was pretending to be on the phone because had the ring box in his boot and was trying to distract the security guy and whisper to him that he had an engagement ring in his boot and that I was standing right there. It worked and the guy let him through keeping me completely oblivious to was about to happen. We got a few drinks and headed to a spot on the lawn. We danced and sang to the opening acts and were packed in with people all around us., which was nice because it was pretty chilly that night. Cody Johnson came on and we were all having a great time! He played through a few songs and then started singing one of our favorite songs, “Diamond In My Pocket” and through the first part of the song I still didn’t think anything of it. (If you haven’t heard this song, listen to it ASAP. It is the PERFECT proposal song!) About halfway through the song Ben stepped away from me and started to talk to his friends, which I thought was weird because it was so loud! How could they hear him I thought to myself.

I then saw his friend pull out our GoPro, which we had purchased at Cabela’s earlier that day because as Ben said, “we need one so we can have it for all of our adventures.” As soon as I saw him pull out the camera I knew something was up. The next few moments passed in what still feels like a blur. Everyone around us (people we don’t know) started pulling out their cellphones and turning their flashlights on us as a circle of space opened up around us (which I still can’t believe happened because we were all so packed in that space!). I stepped back to the opposite side of the circle when I realized what was happening. Ben then got down on one knee, took his cowboy hat off, pulled the ring box out of his boot and asked me to be his wife. At least that’s what I am assuming he said! Haha Between the music playing and everyone around us cheering for us, it was so loud we both had no idea what each-other said. That doesn’t matter though because, in those few perfect seconds, nothing needed to be said. I will never forget the way he looked at me as he held my dream ring out toward me.

My reaction was priceless! In the beginning, I was so shocked I said something like, “don’t you dare or do not!” because I wasn’t ready! I am the kind of person who plans the surprises, not the one that gets surprised. Let’s just say it’s hard to hide things from me. I had been thinking about how this proposal was going to go for months! In my mind, I was going to know when it was about to happen and there was no way it was going to be a surprise! Clearly, I was wrong and it was so much better than I could have ever expected. As soon as I saw the ring I screamed “YES!” and ran up to him, wrapped my arms around his neck, and started continuously kissing him with the biggest smile on my face. He then stepped back and put the ring on my shaking finger and told me how much he loved me, that part I heard. After that we had everyone within 20 feet of us coming over to us, congratulating us and giving us lots of hugs! The love from all of these people we didn’t know was amazing! Every girl wanted to see my ring, hug me, and send me the video’s they took on their phones of the proposal.

Every guy was hugging Ben telling him congrats. It was amazing! As the song ended I was still in shock and wanted to be with just him and catch my breath. He grabbed my hand and led me out of the crowd to the side of the concert. I finally realized away from everyone that he had gotten me the Heidi Gibson ring that I had been dreaming about and I couldn’t stop looking at how it sparkled as we hugged and kissed. Honestly, I still can’t believe I get to wear this beautiful work of art for the rest of my life. I catch myself looking at it all the time and how it sparkles in the different light, it’s so gorgeous. It was pretty late at that point but we need to tell our parents so we called my mom and his mom to tell them both the good news. They both thought something was wrong because we were calling them so late, they quickly realized it was the opposite and were so excited! The rest of the night was so amazing, we danced and sang to the rest of the concert and during the whole walk back to the hotel I’m pretty sure we told everyone we saw that we had just got engaged! I was perfect. In my eyes, he is perfect. I couldn’t have asked for a better proposal. I am truly blessed to get to call Ben my Fiance and soon to be husband. He is the most wonderful, kind, supportive, funny and genuinely loving man I have ever met and I am so blessed to get to spend the rest of my life with him! Our wedding is planned for July of next year and it can’t get here soon enough!


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