Amy and Will

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How We Met

In high school, we were both voted “Most Likely to be President.” Our senior year yearbook featured the most legendary photo of us back to back against the American flag. Almost 10 years, two college degrees, and one law degree later, we found ourselves back in the Bay area near our hometown. After decades in each other’s orbit, the timing was finally perfect.

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How They Asked

We went to San Francisco for a Giants vs. Dodgers game with Will’s friends. (We rarely go to Giants games because we’re A’s fans, but sometimes we’ll go for the garlic fries.) But this time, we didn’t make it to the game. It was all a ruse! The plan was to grab a quick lunch by my old apartment in Bernal Heights, where I lived when we first started dating. As we were having lunch Will said, “let’s walk to the top of Bernal hill like old times.” We did, and less than 60 seconds after reaching the top of the hill, Will was down on one knee. Lucky for us, my best friend was hiding out at the top of the hill with her boyfriend, a very talented photographer.

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