Amy and Travis

How We Met

Travis and I met almost 14 years ago in high school. I was always scared to talk to him because he was an older boy who tended to break the rules and my parents would never go for that. We didn’t stay in touch over the years after high school or college, but fate brought us back together in 2012. I had just returned to Colorado after living for several years in New Zealand, and I was just about to relocate to Denver for a new job. I was out for a last hurrah in our hometown of Fort Collins, and my night went from carefree to full-scale smitten when I bumped into Travis after so many years. His freckles and bright blue eyes were enough to give me butterflies, and when he asked for my number, I felt my knees jerk a little. From then on, Trav and I have been more than just a couple, we are partners. We have made our relationship a priority in our lives, and have made sure to build each other up to be the best version of ourselves. We bought a home together in 2014 and that has truly solidified the bond we share. We are home when we are together, and our lives are meant to be shared, together.

Image 1 of Amy and Travis

how they asked

Our engagement took place on November 29, 2014, which was my 28th birthday. My fiance and I were staying with my parents after Thanksgiving. For months before my birthday, I had been begging for a kitten to complete our little family. My fiance, and self-professed “cat hater,” refused to even consider the idea of a kitten, but that all changed the morning of my birthday when he plopped a tiny, fluffy, smooshed-faced kitty on the bed. My squeals of delight at the kitten’s tiny, darling presence quickly turned to stunned silence as I noticed a diamond ring tied to a bow around the kitty’s neck. This is HAPPENING! ran through my head as I looked into the eyes of my boyfriend, who was on one knee next to the bed. I barley heard him ask for my hand in marriage as I shouted “YES! YES! YES!” Clutching my new kitten, lovingly named Kitty Lou, Travis untied the ring and placed it onto my finger. I then ran upstairs to tell my family the news, and introduce them to their new grandkitty. It was truly the most overwhelmingly happy moment of my life, and an engagement story I could never have imagined would be my own.

Our wedding is planned for June 11, 2016, and Kitty Lou will (again) be the ring bearer!

Image 2 of Amy and Travis