Amy and Tom

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Mexico

How We Met

We met at aged 11 at high school – we ‘dated’ (in the most innocent sense of the word!) aged 12 for about two weeks. I think we held hands and he bought me chocolate buttons, but I decided boys were gross and we were better off as friends. Over a decade of friendship later we ended up getting together and I haven’t looked back. I’m very lucky to truly be able to say my best friend is my Fiancé.

How They Asked

Tom proposed in Mexico, on the beach at sunrise. It was very romantic and I wasn’t expecting it AT ALL. We were taking photographs of the sunrise over the sea and Tom said ‘ive got an idea for another photograph we could take, but youre going to need this first’ and got down on one knee, ring of my dreams in his hands. It was perfect. Little did I know he’d actually planned to propose 2 months before, but the ring broke before he could do it – one of the diamonds dropped out! Luckily the ring is now back to it’s former glory and safely installed on my finger. We took this photo a few weeks later in Notting Hill to celebrate since we didn’t get a snap of the moment itself.