Amy and Todd

how they asked

On November 10, 2017 Amy woke up thinking that is was every other normal day.

She went to the gym (nothing new) and started to get ready to go up to the city to have lunch with a close friend that was in from out of town. While in San Francisco having lunch with one of her girlfriends, little did she know that her future fiance was preparing his little heart out at home. Amy and her friend pulled into her garage of Cherry Grove and all of a sudden Amy’s care door opened and standing there dressed all nice (not in gym clothes) was Todd.

Amy's Proposal in San Jose/ Disneyland

Todd told Amy to close her eyes and to come with him. Amy immediately freaked out something was wrong and kept nervous talking not sure what was happening. Todd led her thru the garage and into the family room. In the background, the song I can’t help but falling in love with you was playing. Amy then figure it out… this was REALLY happening. Todd proceeded to tell her that he loved Amy very much and when it came time to open her eyes he was there down on one knee asking Amy to marry him.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in San Jose/ Disneyland

Marriage Proposal Ideas in San Jose/ Disneyland

Proposal Ideas San Jose/ Disneyland

He asked…and of course… SHE SAID YES!

Where to Propose in San Jose/ Disneyland

Not even realizing her surroundings, Todd ask, “Did you see the wall?” and Amy said, “What wall?!?!” Right next to her, the chalk wall in their home had “Amy will you marry me?” and on the other side “Mr and Mrs. McWilliams has a nice ring to it.” Todd had hired a chalk artist to come and draw such an amazing mural for Amy.

Amy and Todd McWilliams's Engagement in San Jose/ Disneyland

Wedding Proposal Ideas in San Jose/ Disneyland

Todd even had our family friend hiding and taking pictures of the whole event! After all the crying and champagne Todd then took Amy’s phone and said that she was not allowed to have it back until that night. He then asked where my ID and wallet was because we were leaving for the airport in 20 minutes and that her bag was already packed!

Wait… What?!?! Amy got ready for the driver to come and to her surprise it was her cousin and some family in a big decorated suburban saying things like “She said yes!” and “Congratulations” all over it.

Once at the airport Amy figured it out where she was going… Disneyland!

Todd and Amy arrived in Disneyland and made a mad rush into downtown Disney. Amy still totally confused as to what was happening she was following Todd’s lead. They went up the stairs to a restaurant in Downtown Disney, Catal, and when the doors opened their was a small surprise engagement party being held!

Family and very close friends were there to welcome the couple and celebrate. The next day they spent the day in Disneyland with their family and friends and had the best weekend ever.

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