Amy and Thomas

How We Met

Thomas and I met all the way back in Kindergarten! We were in the same Kindergarten and 3rd grade classes when we both lived in Illinois. My dad’s job moved my family to Colorado a few weeks into our 4th grade year and I ended up losing track of all my Illinois friends. Years later, when we were in high school, Facebook came about and I decided to pull out my old elementary yearbook to look up old friends, Thomas being one of them!

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We “friended” one another in 2006 but still didn’t talk until quite a few years later when we both started our teaching careers. Thomas’ posts about his love of teaching caught my eye for months until I finally decided to reach out and message him on the first night of my Winter Break from school in 2015! I messaged to say how much fun it was to see someone else my age loving teaching as much as I did. I truly didn’t have romantic intentions, but then we messaged quite a bit that first night and I realized how genuine and great this guy was.

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I wanted to know more! The next day, I became quite the Facebook stalker and went through all of Thomas’ pictures to discover we had a TON in common (apparently he did the same thing on my profile!) I couldn’t stop thinking about him. That night, I took a leap of faith and boldly professed to Thomas that he was exactly the kind of guy I would love to date…if only we lived in the same place! We texted nonstop for days, which ultimately led to FaceTime and phone calls that lasted late into the night (thank goodness we were both on Winter Break and didn’t need to keep a proper sleep schedule!).

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We made plans for me to fly out to visit him over our mutual Spring Break, but a few days later, we knew we wouldn’t be able to wait months before reconnecting in person. We NEEDED to do something…and fast! A week and a half later, Thomas was on a flight to visit me in Denver for New Years! I was ALL nerves picking Thomas up at the airport because I knew how much I already loved this man.

I was hoping we’d have instant chemistry in person (thank goodness we did!). I even used his 3rd grade picture to create a welcome sign for the airport (how could I not?!) We had the BEST first date ever…a magical concert at the Colorado Symphony Orchestra, dinner out, walking around downtown taking in the holiday lights, and ringing in the New Year with our first kiss under fireworks!

Thomas is never afraid to make a bold fashion statement with his suits, even in the heat of 4th of July! haha

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We’ve managed to make the 1,000 mile distance between Denver and Chicago work for a year and a half. We both knew mere days into our relationship that this was meant to be. We always worked towards the ultimate goal of closing the distance and getting married. I knew that when the time came, Thomas would create an unforgettable proposal, but I couldn’t have dreamed a more perfectmoment than the one he created! We both LOVE musical theatre and enjoy attending productions together. Thomas assists in directing the musical at the high school where he teaches, so it was a no brainer for me to attend the spring musical and support Thomas and the students in their production. My parents also love musical theatre and spending time with Thomas and his family, so they’ve flown out to attend the musical the past two years with me!

As the musical weekend got closer, Thomas kept telling me of all the people who were going to attend Saturday night’s show, playing it off that they were all magically free to attend the same night! I was slightly suspicious a proposal might happen the night when everyone was around, but I really didn’t want to get ahead of myself and get my hopes up in case he DIDN’T propose! Saturday night’s show was an outstanding production.

Thomas had been backstage the whole show helping out as the rest of us were enjoying from the audience. At the end of the curtain call, Thomas walked out on stage with a microphone in hand, dressed in a sharp new suit. I INSTANTLY started crying because I knew something big was about to happen! My mom grabbed my hand and was crying herself, so I knew this was the moment.

What I didn’t expect was to have an incredible serenade prior to the proposal! Thomas bravely sang a song from one of our favorite musicals, Newsies, in front of 750 audience members! The biggest surprise was that the entire cast was in on the proposal, too! All of the students joined Thomas in singing the third verse and made me sob even further! The entire audience gasped when the kids joined in – no one suspected the students were in on the surprise! At the conclusion of the song, Thomas summoned me up on stage and popped the question!!! Of course I said YES!

We were thrilled to have so much love and support from the students, our families, friends, and audience members that night! The students rushed us with the biggest group hug ever, and we were met with even more hugs and congratulatory wishes as we greeted all our friends and family in the audience. We went back to his parents’ house after the show for a little Engagement Party and celebration! I truly could not have asked for more!!

! We got a good laugh as we were discussing the proposal at the after-party that we should title the evening “Parry Poppins the Question” since Thomas Parry proposed after the musical Mary Poppins!

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