Amy and Shane

How We Met

Shane and I met in high school. I was a freshman and he was a sophomore. We had a food class together and sat at tables near each other. I noticed him on the first day of class and had a small crush on him (the cute old. We became friends and I offered to do his dishes for him because I wanted him to like me. One night I was on MySpace late at night and not many people were online. I saw Shane log on and decided to post my phone number as my status and said: “text me”. A few minutes later I got a text from a number I didn’t have on my phone. He tried to trick me and make me guess who it was. Little did he know I put my number up there just for him because I saw he was online. We were friends throughout high school, closer at some times but sometimes drifted apart; however, we always had a special bond and always cared for each other. It wasn’t until after he moved away for college that we decided to finally start dating. We did long distance for one year and were together for 5 years before he asked.

How They Asked

Shane graduated from college at the beginning of the summer and for his graduation gift, I wanted to do a little trip to celebrate. We waited until the last minute to plan something so where I wanted to go didn’t have any rooms available (Catalina Island) so I was afraid things weren’t going to work out. About 2 weeks before, Shane was checking online and found a room at a super cute little hotel on Catalina and the only room they had available was the dolphin room (I love dolphins so looking back this was the start of everything working out perfectly for this day). The week leading up to the trip I felt that Shane was acting kind of weird and it seemed like something was bothering him but I was hoping that the trip would snap him out of it (now I know he was just so afraid of something getting ruined) It was a weekend trip so Shane was going to plan Friday and I was going to plan Saturday. We got to the island on Friday and Shane had a fun day planned for us – a ropes course and a dolphin cruise (no dolphins but still gorgeous).

The final plan of the day was to go to a nice dinner. We got dressed up and Shane called a taxi to take us to a lookout point that he found online. We got dropped off at the top of the hill and we were overlooking the main area of Catalina Island when Shane starts talking about us and our future and asks me to look at him. As soon as I looked at him, everything hit me all at once and I probably said “are you serious?!” 10 times before finally saying yes. I was absolutely shocked. Not because Shane asked me – I knew we were going to get married one day. But he told me he wanted to wait a couple of years.

Little did I know he had been planning this for a couple of months! I think I blacked out due to the amount of emotion that swept over me so quickly so I am so glad that Shane hired a photographer to capture the moment and the couple hours following the proposal. I probably look at the pictures at least once a day. We had the most perfect weekend on the island celebrating our engagement on the beach and in the cute town of Avalon. It was a weekend we will never forget.

Special Thanks

 | Photographer