Amy and Ryan

Amy and Ryan's Engagement in Our new home in Mars, Pennsylvania

How We Met

Technically, we met on Bumble but there are several other people who like to try and take credit! Growing up, I lived on the same street as a woman named Susan McKee. I have known her for as long as I can remember. When I was in high school and college, she would always stop my mom and ask, “Does Amy have a boyfriend? I have a very handsome nephew who I think would be perfect for her. He is tall (I’m 5’10” so that’s important to me!), gainfully employed, and comes from a wonderful family.” Every time she would bring this up to my mom, I was either in a relationship or not looking for one at the moment.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Our new home in Mars, Pennsylvania

But then in May of 2017, I matched with Ryan on Bumble and we started dating. And it turns out, he was (you guessed it), Mrs. McKee’s nephew who she had been trying to set me up with for years. My mom and his aunt try to take credit for our relationship all the time, but we like to say we were meant to be and found each other on our own. :)

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Our new home in Mars, Pennsylvania

Amy's Proposal in Our new home in Mars, Pennsylvania

Proposal Ideas Our new home in Mars, Pennsylvania

How They Asked

Back in August, we started looking for a home together. The very first house we looked at was my absolute dream home, but Ryan wasn’t so convinced. So I let it go and we looked at a bunch of other houses. Eventually, Ryan came around to the idea of my dream house and we started the process of buying it.

We closed on the house on December 20th. I was so excited, I’d been counting down the days for weeks! I just couldn’t wait to get in there and make it our home. I had asked my brother and mom to stop by the house after we closed so we could take some pictures in front of our new place! We were sitting on the porch swing posing for their pictures and when we were done, Ryan got down on one knee and asked me to spend our lives together in our new home. I don’t think I could have been any happier! Even my dad and my dog were there! Our first memory in our new home is Ryan proposing.

We then went to my parents’ house to celebrate with them and Ryan’s parents, but I had no idea that they had actually planned a surprise engagement party for us with all of our closest friends! My best friend even flew in from Florida.

December 20th could not have been more perfect. A new house, an engagement, and a surprise party with all of our closest friends there to celebrate.

The “matchmaker” – Mrs. McKee!

Our parents.

My two best friends (and now maids of honor!) who planned the surprise party. Taylor (left) is the one who flew in from Florida. The other is Emily, my roommate.

Our brothers – everyone is very tall!

Special Thanks

Emily Matens
 | Planning
Taylor Rains
 | Planning