Amy and Peter

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How We Met

We met back in 2013 through a mutual friend. We have known each other for a little while but never actually spoke that often to one another. One day my friend Susie asked if I wanted to go to a Wrestlemania party with her (I know …). I put up a little bit of a fight because it was a Sunday night and I mean I watched wrestling growing up because of my brother and dad, but did I need to go to a whole party for it… not really. However, I am so happy I did go because it was at Peter’s apartment and although it was a ridiculous party/event I got to see how amazingly funny he was and what a fantastic energy he has. He has the ability to make anyone and everyone smile and I was instantly attracted to him. From that moment on we started talking and dating. Now we are engaged and I couldn’t imagine my life without him.

how they asked

We took off work on Friday, February 12 to make the holiday weekend a long one. We never just take off from work for no reason so we thought why not! The day was going on as normal, we went to the movies in the middle of the day which was awesome (I mean who gets to go to the movies in the middle of the day anymore) and just hung out around the apartment. Peter asked if I wanted to go to Valentine’s day dinner that night so we could beat the rush, and I was all for that.

We live in Hoboken by the water so a lot of times I bug/ask Peter if we can go take pictures down by the waterfront. Peter came up with the idea (in order to get us down by the water on such a freezing cold night) to go take some V-Day selfies with the skyline and then head onward to dinner. I agreed because I mean who doesn’t want to take some cute outside V-Day selfies with their boyfriend. As we were walking I was distracted by the people coming home from work and of course the dogs running around in the dog park. Pete keeps trying to ask me questions about the Hudson River (which is ridiculous, but now blame on nerves).

As we walked Peter goes “d-e space l-a space F-L-O-R are you sure you like that last name?” I, not really paying full attention go “of course I do I think it is beautiful.” Pete then goes “are you sure you want to have it for the rest of your life?” I say “of course, I love you.” Next thing I know he is down on one knee with a ring box open telling me how much he loves me and that he wants to spend the rest of his life with me and asking me to marry him. I of course am in shock and say “YES!” and hug and kiss him. Then he tells me to turn around and through the tears and excitement I see one of my best friends (who is a photographer) there capturing the entire moment, which was so amazing.

After that, we do proceed to dinner where he set up to have both our families there to surprise me. I walked in and was overwhelmed with happiness to be able to share this moment with so many people I love. It was truly perfect.

I am so excited for this great adventure with Peter and am so lucky to have him in my life. I cannot wait to be Amy Elizabeth de la Flor (probably the prettiest name I have ever heard, if I do say so myself <3).

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