Amy and Nick

How We Met

We met when Nick took a job up in Columbus. He had moved from Memphis earlier that year and we met online!:)

How They Asked

“I’M ENGAGED!!!!!! The most magical moment of my entire life happened last night!! 31 beautiful years have led up to this fairy tale experience…. :)

I have a side “Princess Party” business (Amy’s Princess Parties) and 2 months ago a mom called me and booked me as Cinderella for her daughters 6th birthday party. She said she was the owner of a little restaurant called La Chatelaine (which was where Nick and I had our first date) and that she was going to throw a big party there for her little girl.

Last night I showed up to the restaurant decked out in my Princess attire and the owner’s little girl greeted me at the door in her Cinderella dress. She told me her birthday party was in the other room and escorted me to a side room….I pushed back the streamers and stepped into a room decked out in white Christmas lights…Beautiful music was playing and the floor had a red carpet lined with white rose petals and hundreds of little tea lights in the shape of a heart…At the end of the carpet was my boyfriend Nick dressed up as Prince Charming with a glass slipper in his hands…

I was shocked to see him, but then he started explaining to me that one year ago on Dec. 18th was the first day that he ever knew that I existed. It was on that day that we had our first interaction with one another. He then expressed to me his undying love and told me he wanted to make every one of my wildest wishes come true to give me the fairy tale I deserved…He then got down on one knee and presented me with my dream ring which he had set in a little cushion in the engraved glass slipper. I was shocked and in tears…

Afterward, he showed me that he had set up a timeline of the past year of our relationship through framed pictures in chronological order from our first date all the way to an empty frame at the end…He explained that the last empty frame (which was engraved with Nick and Amy and the date) was to fill in with a picture of our special engagement moment. He told me my parents had been in the room earlier that night to pray over him and the exact place that we were going to get engaged at, which also brought me to tears. I was speechless the whole time and bawling. I’m so thankful that I waited for God’s very best for my life….He has blessed me beyond imagine!!!!! Rom. 8:25”