Amy and Nathan

Image 1 of Amy and NathanHow We Met: In the fall of 2011, I was backpacking through Europe with my college friend Ryan. It was my first big international trip, and I was SO excited to be traveling. We had arrived in London planning to head north to York, but our plans changed somewhat, and we ended up going early to Edinburgh, Scotland. Not only is Edinburgh perhaps the most historic, atmospheric city on earth, it is where I ended up meeting the love of my life.

Nathan had been traveling solo through Morocco, and ended up in Scotland on a whim after making some friends on his journey. Fatefully, we were all booked in the same hostel, into the same cramped dorm room. When a handsome man with a slight southern drawl said hello to us, little did I know I was meeting my future husband.

We had a few, romantic days in Edinburgh, by then parted to continue our individual travels. It was hard to say goodbye to Nathan. Even though we had just met, I knew he was something special.

Fortunately, I listened to my gut, and continued to correspond with him from afar. (Thank goodness for Facebook!) We decided to meet up again a few weeks later in London. After another sweet, memorable time together exploring an incredible city, it was again time to say goodbye. I thought it would be the last time.

But still we kept in touch. We both returned to America (he in North Carolina, me in Vermont) and began to talk on the phone regularly. Chats turned into plans, and soon he was driving the 14 hours northward to visit me. We knew we’d have to be long distance for awhile, as I was about to head abroad for grad school and more travel plans were in his future, but we embarked towards the unknown now as a couple.

We made it through the challenge of long distance over the next year and a half. In many ways, we got to know one another from afar. In 2013, I was finished school and we began living (and traveling) together. Now, we can share our passion for travel and adventure together, and we’ve been to Australia and back with so much more to come. In fact, we even have our own travel blog focusing on our favorite subjects: travel and love!

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Image 3 of Amy and Nathan

how they asked: Nothing in our relationship was really traditional. Meeting as travelers, getting to know one another from afar. So our proposal was not purely traditional either. We decided together over the past year that we’d get engaged in 2015. As the year went on, we looked together to find the perfect ring. I chose one that was absolutely perfect, that we stumbled across on a whim in a jewelry store in our current town, Asheville, NC.

But I didn’t know exactly how the proposal would go down.

A few weeks ago, we took a road trip from NC to VT to attend a friend’s wedding and to visit my mom. On the way up, we decided to spend a night camping in Virginia. We chose Grayson Highlands, known for its wild ponies. After setting up camp, we hiked the Rhododendron Trail. The weather was perfect, but the trail was almost deserted. We were practically the only ones out that day.

We had come across some wild ponies and snapped a few photos, as well as run into a herd of cattle! It was such fun, and a great delight for us, who are both animal lovers. We arrived at a place with a beautiful vista. The Blue Ridge Mountains stretched endlessly before us. There was not a soul around. As I turned around to sit on a rock overlooking the view, Nathan was there on one knee. He said a few things, utterly sweet and completely full of love. I tearfully said yes. The moment was simple, and perfect, and felt surreal. There on a mountaintop in Virginia, I agreed to marry the kindest, most amazing man I’ve ever met.

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