Amy and Nate


How We Met

Nate and I met in December of 2014 at a running store in Tulsa, where I worked. He had been next door working out and I was on the clock. But I definitely noticed him when he entered the store and I would like to think he noticed me too. He eventually approached me, after talking with some of the folks he had been working out with, and asked me about how to work on IT Band issues. Such a smooth operator! We saw each other a few more times at that location, but soon my position changed and I wasn’t around that store as much. This is when two of my lovely co-workers come into the picture, they had been there the night Nate and I first met.

They worked together to find out his last name and then proceeded to search high and low on social media to see if they could find him. They did track him down on LinkedIn. I never thought LinkedIn would be my version of a dating site, but whatever works. I mustered up the courage to look at his profile, as I hadn’t learned that you could block someone from seeing who viewed their profile. So he knew, the ball was in his court. It wasn’t long before I heard from him and we set our first date in May of 2015.


how they asked

I am a huge Anglophile. I adore England, so much so that I did my Masters in the UK. Nate knew this and brought up the idea of us taking a trip to Europe. He had never been and I am always itching to get back across the pond. After months of planning our trip had arrived, we boarded the plane in Chicago and were on our way to London. Our first leg of our trip was quite short in London, we were there for about 36 hours. During our whirlwind visit we made it to The Tower of London, The London Eye, The National Gallery, Hawksmoor 7 Dials (great Sunday roast), and our grand finale was ‘Duck & Waffle’ at 10 PM on Sunday night. The day leading up to dinner had been quite a blur and I will admit I got a bit ‘hangry’ a few times and we were both exhausted. So throughout the day I had chalked up being a bit irritable to that and not nerves (well on the part of Nate, I was just tired and hungry).

After a hustle to Hyde Park that didn’t end up working we rushed back to our Public House to change and then headed directly to our late dinner. Let me set the scene, Duck and Waffle is on the 40th floor of 110 Bishopsgate in London and has a breathtaking view of London through all of the windows that surround you floor to ceiling. Seeing London at night from that vantage point was just magic, seeing the Thames flow and the city moving below. Dinner was coming to a close and it was time to head to the elevator, which just happened to be glass and you could still view all of London during your short journey up to the restaurant(s). You might of noticed that restaurant became a bit plural there, that is because we didn’t know there was another place on the 38th floor.

Now to the actual engagement. Nate had been planning on proposing at Hyde Park, which explained why he had been trying to get there later in the afternoon before dinner. But he had also noticed that in London you are rarely alone, he had wanted the proposal to be private. So he was feeling a bit discouraged. Then we made it to our late dinner and took the elevator up completely alone, he decided he had found the place to propose and we would be alone. He really wanted to propose in London, as it is my favorite city. So dinner has finished and it is time to take the elevator back down. We get in and I instantly just start looking out at London, which took some pressure off of Nate to try and distract me.

While looking out to the city something was happening behind me, Nate was getting down on one knee. After about 2 seconds I turned around (Nate says it felt like ages) and saw him. My heart stopped and his was definitely pounding. Just as he had finished saying those words, “Will you marry me?”… the doors opened. Nate had counted how long it took for us to arrive to the 40th floor and we were stopping too soon. I looked up and saw about 10 people standing there. They stood silently looking at us, until someone in the group said so elegantly “things just got serious.” This whole time Nate is pushing the close button and I finally say “Yes!”. As the doors close we hear clapping and we are finally alone again. He stands up and puts the ring on my finger, which ends up being my great-grandmothers engagement ring.


The rest of our trip was amazing, we went to visit friends in Germany and finished the trip in Paris. It was just difficult for the rest of the trip to live up to that moment. We are planning to return for our honeymoon, back to the scene of the crime.